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Terrible game!

XicusXicus Member Posts: 55

This is not something for the average MMO player this is something of a turks game because of the amount of turks roming around in it this was the worst game i ever played for another reason with that one the leveling system is terrible as soon as you get to lvl 30 or 35 its tedious and boring and the quests have been hacked beyond repair the graphics have changed to much to hold me into it any further its not F2P they have a good sence to lie about it through atleast the average MMO player will understand it not being F2P just looking at a screenshot my second and final reason for this being absoulute crap is the fact you have to manualy patch it up the patching system has been hacked by turks so many times and the game itself has been hacked because it has no security a game is no good if it is not secure.


  • dlooneydlooney Member Posts: 306

  • XicusXicus Member Posts: 55

    Thank you dlooney althrough i reckon alot of people would agree with me but turks would not.

  • xrandomflipxrandomflip Member Posts: 4

    Find an English clan... after that, you find all of the english speaking players. www.ko4life.com best community ever. what do you mean about hacked quests? ,the patching works fine, its just the retards like u we cannot fix. security right now is fine. ive played for 3 years, never been hacked...

  • joeybootsjoeyboots Member UncommonPosts: 628


    Originally posted by Xicus

    I dont understand you two at all you must be undercover turks.


    Example of a fine specimen above me!

    Ummm...ever heard of racism?

  • joeybootsjoeyboots Member UncommonPosts: 628

    Oh and by the way I am an American, not a Turk. Just in case you were wondering.......bigot.

  • heathenkniteheathenknite Member Posts: 15

    the game f2p when the server arent crowded and its pretty good mmorpg but i do agree that there are turks there that are annoying and all that, u can decide to p2p to get through server traffic or just play at night where people are asleep

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