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Single Player RPG?

CresilDamasCresilDamas Member Posts: 28

Well, I've looked for them literally for 5 Months and counting. I've only found FateRPG. I was hoping for a WoW/GW/FlyFF style single player. I don't care if it's private server with rates or just a plain out game. (Oh and for the forewarning, I didn't pay for FateRPG, I got a crack for it and played it free for 3 months. XD) But yeah, any ideas?


  • IndoIndo Member Posts: 252

    Isn't a single player MMO an oxymoron? At any rate, TR is single player friendly.

  • CresilDamasCresilDamas Member Posts: 28

    Depends on the term your using. Yes it can be. But also if you look at it. You don't have to do updates, You don't have to worry about people "KSing you", or a Bad Community. I think they are actually pretty fun for a small game just to mess around on. Oh and by the way. What's the games' full name?

  • jackeccsjackeccs Member UncommonPosts: 392

    ummm, Massive MULTIplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG)

    you'll be looking for them but... good luck. I'm just going to slowly walk away from this one too.


  • Deathstrike2Deathstrike2 Member UncommonPosts: 1,777

    TR = Tabula Rasa

  • CresilDamasCresilDamas Member Posts: 28

    Sorry about that, Just noticed it. But basically what I was trying to do is get the message to people.

  • CresilDamasCresilDamas Member Posts: 28

    Ah, Thanks buddy.


    EDIT** Yeah, turns out that I looked at the site....Shooting game =( I hate em XD

  • nonesuch2nonesuch2 Member Posts: 8

    If really mean a single-player RPG, and not a MMORPG then I have two good suggestions.


    3d graphics, first or third person, can be played like a fps

    huge world, lots of quests, main quest chain + randoms

    Buy houses, rob stores, join good or evil guilds with in depth quests

    random caves/broken down outposts to explore

    2 expansions if you choose to buy

    on PC and xbox 360

    PC version has player made mods for almost unlimited content, and even one for 2 players, but not sure how well it works


    -Never winter nights, 1 or 2

    Has single player campaign and multiplayer

    Multiplayer servers hosted by players/gaming groups can be used for long term new play enviroments

    some multiplayer servers have HUGE amazing new content you will never fully explore

    Built-in moding tools and pretty decent modding community

    Game has lots of expansions you can buy, or not, and come in cheap bundle

    great role-playing

    DnD style gameplay that plays like a slower and deeper diablo, could be good or bad

    graphics aren't great but the sounds and graphics together really give the game a deep role-playing feel, that even me a non-role player can appreciate


    Hope these two help! There are quite a few others, especially if you don't mind playing DnD style ones(I often do =p) You could probably find quite a few free ones too with just a google search =)

  • OtakunOtakun Member UncommonPosts: 867

    Warrior Epic, its a game soon to be going into closed beta. It has a solo mode and an online mutliplayer mode plus its Free to Play.


  • KillershiverKillershiver Member Posts: 187

    elder scrolls Ob is for ps3 2 : )

  • CresilDamasCresilDamas Member Posts: 28

    Wow...Warrior Epic is going to be the one =3 Thanks

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