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Need a new game.

CresilDamasCresilDamas Member Posts: 28

Ok well, I've played a TON of MMORPGS (F2P and P2P).

List of games I've played. - Flyff, MapleStory, Runescape, EVE Online, FFXI Online, GuildWars, Battleon, Talisman Online, GO (Ghost Online), Xiah, Scions of Fate, Dream of Mirror Online, 12 Sky, Project Torque, Drift City, Gunz, Corum Online, Space Cowboy Online, (Currently Playing) Lunia Online, Sims, Knight Online, Phantasy Star Online, Everquest Titanium Edition (All Expansions), RF Online, Silkroad Online, Ultima Online, Hero Online, KAL Online, I can go on with this list for about 50 more games.


ETC, ETC. To the point. I need a new game to play and preferably 3D, or 2.5 (Kind of like Diablo or Angels Online).  I would love to play a game like FlyFF again. I havn't seen any games lately about how when you get to a certain level you can fly. If you have NOT played FlyFF, It's like where when you get to level 20 you can do a quest and be able to fly on either a Broom or a Hover Board. You can buy Special Items from the Cash Shop, Like Snowboard, Special Sword for a board, Tiger Board, ETC, ETC. And so yeah that would be ok. But doesn't have to be like that.

Yeah, I'm 14 and have a LOT of time on my hands ever since I moved. Don't know anyone. Can't go skating since there are a ton of rules around town.

Oh, and one last thing. I can't play games over 512MB RAM or 64MB Graphics Card. I have a cheap Dell Laptop (Dell B-120, Costs 500$, Wasn't cheap back in 2K5)


  • RidgewoodNYRidgewoodNY Member Posts: 28

    Try Asheron's Call from Turbine.  It's kind of old for a MMORPG but it's got loads of content and some good gameplay. 100% skill based  , no classes.  Was my frirst MMORPG and still the best.

  • W0wsersW0wsers Member Posts: 40

    Asheron's Call is a very wise choice, very good game, prolly one of the better games out there, another good game is Archlord, it don't really require that good of a computer to play neither, my old compaq i had from 2000 ran it quite smoothly to be honest, but id go for Asherons Call out of all the ones out right now =) hope this helps

    Processor: AMD Athlon X2 Dualcore 6000+
    Ram: 2gigs Patriot Performance
    OS: Vists Basic
    VC: Evga 8800 Gts
    HD: 260g
    MB; Gigabyte S Serioes

  • METALDRAG0NMETALDRAG0N Member Posts: 1,680

    After actually reading your post [something the other repliers have yet to learn to do ], i have decided AION is probably for you.

    Its comming out next year and there is a lot of flying involved.

    "Kill one man, and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill them all, and you are a god."
    -- Jean Rostand

  • CresilDamasCresilDamas Member Posts: 28

    Thanks MetalDragon. I'm going to try that game. Hope it comes out soon. Only one problem is that my laptop wouldn't be able to handle it. And the graphics card and motherboard is integrated so i'm basically dead.

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