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Paladin vs. Mage

U-TurnU-Turn Member UncommonPosts: 164

In your opinion which is the most fun to play and why?


  • tu_uilwentu_uilwen Member Posts: 794

    I personally think that mages are more fun in my opinion. They also require more skill and a good build. Paladins are just oh god getting owned bubbles heal or bubble hearth. Plus mages are just cooler with there skills.

    -Rhalon 85 B.E. rogue
    -Rhalon 81 UD Mage
    -Doneski 85 Orc death knight

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  • CzzarreCzzarre Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,742

    mages are more fun easily. However paladins are a lot more versitile. In the end its all about what you like to play.

    You a pyro? Enjoy seeing things bklow up? Have a tendency to be cruel to squirrels? Play a Mage.

    You enjoy steady, streamlined efficiency? Happy with healing one person and smashin in the face of another? Play a pally


  • AntipathyAntipathy Member UncommonPosts: 1,362

    Holy palas are boring to play. How could holy come to be the most dominant spec, when palas have so few healing spells? To be interesting, a class needs to have lots of things to do rather than pressing 2 or 3 buttons over and over again.

    Prot and retri palas are more interesting, but still have problems being accepted.

    Having said that, I found mages quite boring to play. It's the class I've levelled least (only to 34 with a fire build) because again I got bored with spamming the same few skills over and over again. Perhaps they get more interesting to play at a higher level or with a frost build.

    So my answer is neither, play a different class altogether!


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