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W, A, S, D!

pwncoreypwncorey Member Posts: 56

Looking for a good W, A, S, D movement based game.. all the click to move nonsense just chops up the gameplay for me. I've played WoW, LoTRO, CoH/CoV, GW, and DAoC to name a few. Considering DAoC again but the game seriously bores me at times and i am done with WoW forever. Any help is appreciated. Just need something to play until W.A.R.

Free games, p2p? doesnt matter.. 15 dollars a month is'nt hard to get.



  • ObraikObraik Member Posts: 7,261

    SWG has WASD movement...



  • AnzieAnzie Member Posts: 468

    right now I'm playing zu-online and is wsad  the controls are really smooth too to be a free mmo and a great visual style is no like a copy from another chinese mmo.



    Originally posted by Spathotan
    The simplest way to put this, is like this. Buying a used/refurbished 360 is on the same plane as sharing a condom in a gangbang with strangers.
  • K.o.v.eK.o.v.e Member Posts: 227

    Well theres a little asian game called Metin 2 with fine WASD. If you can take some grinding then you should have a decent time with this f2p. Also another f2p would be 2moons but I personally dont like 2moons, I like metin much better. I played 2moons not long and got frusterated. Metin 2, I played for a long time but not really anymore but give it a try.


  • MiexonMiexon Vendetta Online CorrespondentMember Posts: 181

    Vendetta Online is wasd movement and also has qerf +tab for buttons also. You can make your own binds for your keys it you like to change your movements.

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