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Is it true that your first love is the most memorable?

Just wanted to get some thoughts.


Seams as tho' everyone has their opinion on what was the greatest MMO of all time, and I've been noticing a pattern of it being the first MMO they seriously ventured time into.


Wether its Ultima, EQ, Shadowbane, Wow, SWG ( pre-pub 7 of course as my vote), the first always will have the strongest response, and no other mmo can come close!


So maybe we are hoping for something that will never happen and should be happy with what we have! Because in the end, no matter the graphics, story, game engine, it will never be considered the "best", simply because it has lost the time battle.


I'd be interested on hearing from some poeple who are playing a MMO now that they considered the best MMO they've ever played and have had extensive MMO experience beforehand.


  • VhalnVhaln Member Posts: 3,159

    Maybe I'm the only exception to this rule, but in my case, it was my 5th MMO that really hooked me, and left me with the most fond memories.  Sure, I have some fond memories of UO, and EQ, and AC, even kinda sorta of AO, but DAOC was the best.

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  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 18,343

    I would say for the majority you are prolly right but for me nope.I don't really think there is a greatest game of all time but more so i like ideas from several different games.

    I spent my most time playing FFXI well actually unrealtournament but thats not a rpgmmo.Thing is with FFXI i could write a book on all the things i don't like about it but at the same time it has alot of things i do like.Same goes for pretty much every game i have stayed in for awhile like EQ2/wow/vanguard/silkroad/shaiya.

    I would say when you read posts of players stating a game is the greatest of all time they are just being fanbois.I doubt there will ever be a totally perfect game that doesn't piss you off in some form or fashion,we just try to pick one and try to enjoy it.

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  • wolfmannwolfmann Member Posts: 1,159

    Lets see..

    I started out in UO.. Learned to hate PK'ers, love non levelbased, skill games.

    Went to AO, learned to love their dynamic missions(however raw), learned to hate anti RP'ers

    Went to WW2OL, learned to love REAL PvP, learned to hate whiney kids who thought they were l33t pvp'ers.

    Went to SWG, fell in love with the openness and the "no need for watching levels" type of gameplay, also learned to love that a game offered other valuable roles for people to play outside of the "whack a mole kill kill kill" game and the "whack a mole kill kill, collect loot, craft" game. Ofcourse, learned to hate whiney alphaclass "But I'm supposed to wiiiiiiiiiiin!!" players.


    So..the notion of "first love" is failed on me... I learned to like the good points of each game... Wich means I also learned to hate the weakarsed ways of other games..


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  • LordSicLordSic Member Posts: 142

    i dunno .. i played UO first and although i have fond memories the game i had the most fun in was SWG in the beginning... Ironically its also my least favorite mmo (the later years)

  • GajariGajari Member Posts: 984

    It's not that way for everyone, but it definitely was for me any many others. AC was my first MMO, and it gave me the greatest feelings when I played, whereas no other game has been able to achieve it, and I don't think they will, because I've grown passed that as this stuff isn't new to me anymore.

    Oddly enough, I disliked EQ for many reasons, but I even have more fond memories of that than I do even WoW, which I have been playing for the past 3 years or so. Just quit again for my 8th time or so. :P

    I don't think back to AC as much as I used to, but when, it's definitely nice to think about. Though I kinda wish they didn't shut down AC2, as I'd probably play that again right now to pass the time. Was still a pretty cool game.

    I am getting a bit off track here, but back to the original question: It's not as black and white as that, it's just true for many.

  • BuzWeaverBuzWeaver Member UncommonPosts: 978

    You can always build new memories, but you can't necessarily recapture in full the same essence of those original memories. Having returned to EQ when the Combine Server went live it was a great way to reminisce, however in the back of your mind it was a bit of a 'been there done that' feel.

    What made returning to EQ fun in respects to the Combine Server was seeing crafting viable again and of course the EC Tunnel, to me that was well worth it.

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