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Can I have your attention please? Questions.



  • DrulisleDrulisle Member Posts: 15

    To the OP:

    The site you have come to and elected to post on is  You could try to Google the latter, but dont think you are going to find it. The reason is pretty simple...the technology just isnt there for a true "twitch" MMO. You need to wait 5-10 years for server tech to advance tenfold, then you can play Wing Commander Online.

  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,124

    Hey I tried EVE for a day but got really bored as well. I am thinking about trying it again but has it changed at all?


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  • FinwolvenFinwolven Member Posts: 289

    Well, if you got bored after a day, either it's not the game for you, or you didn't have help/anyone to show you the ropes.

    If you want to give it another go, ask around. There's a thread on this forum about things you need to understand to succeed, and a sticky about links that are useful leading to tutorials and guides you'll be better off reading as you start.

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 38,212

    EVE is what it is.  Some folks will enjoy it, many will not.  That's OK, there's a need for a variety of games out there.

    But to the OP, if you really only gave it a trial for 15 minutes you sold yourself short.  Unless of course you really insist on playing a game that only has the combat style you described.

    But to anyone else really wanting to give the game a go, take some time to read up on it first, there's tons of new player guides out there (I read 3 before I ever downloaded the trial) and do join a corp like EVE University early so you can get some help early on.


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  • LordSicLordSic Member Posts: 142

    Eve Has the best tutorial of any mmo i have ever played... For the love of god people complete the entire tutorial.. Don't just keep pressing next to get through it... If you dont have the attention span to complete the tutorial you probably dont have the attention to detail needed for this game.

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