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thinking about coming back

randprinrandprin Member UncommonPosts: 61

for the 4th time, but this time i actually want to do it well.

so the questions are

1. how do i pick up a corp to suit me? (as last time this was what eventually drove me off, a failing pvp corp is no place for a mostly pve player). my reluctance for pvp isn't that great, it's just that i prefer to do missions and hunt NPC pirates, and the last time a friend of mine dragged me in he pretty much assured me that in order to get into 0.0 i HAD to pvp alot.

2. should i sell my old character (a caladari with an interesting mix of skills, about 12m SP mostly invested in BC and missile skills) and start fresh or keep rebuilding on that one for both pvp and pve?

MMORPG addict since 1995.


  • batolemaeusbatolemaeus Member CommonPosts: 2,061

    Originally posted by randprin
    the last time a friend of mine dragged me in he pretty much assured me that in order to get into 0.0 i HAD to pvp alot.

    Which is perfectly true. When you want to live in 0.0, you have to pvp to stay there, otherwise someone else will take the space.

    And dont sell your character. 12M is quite a lot..

    If you want to live in 0.0, you will need a corporation that holds space. Pick one of the larger Alliances and look for Corps that are recuiting.
    (Tip: You might not want to join the top largest like goonswarm or bob..)

  • ChurchillTChurchillT Member Posts: 59

    If you're worried about PvP don't be. Join a corp that's busy and active with people willing to help you. If you want to give EVE another try then go for it but don't throw away 12 million SP. It will be far better than starting again!

    As long as you can talk to people and explain your situation you'll be fine in eve!

    Fly safe!

  • odysseas70odysseas70 Member Posts: 103

    I just went back to Eve myself after a long time. Truth be told, Eve at this time, is the best game out there. I know about what devs did etcetc but hey, still no replacement. And everybody is attacking BoB so it's a nice period to come back.

    Now, as per your reluctance to pvp "a lot", you can always join an industrial/mission running etc corp. Also, not sure about it but if you joined any corp, even a pvp one, telling them from the start that "hey, I won't pvp a lot but I will contribute finacially or otherwise", I'm sure you'd be a welcome member. It's all about finding a corp with a bunch of nice people. Anyway, there are quite a few of them (not fully pvp-oriented corps), even operating in 0.0 space "where the good stuff" is. Just join one of those and enjoy your game.

    And as per your char..........don't sell it. 12mil SP is quite a lot SP indeed.

  • PegasusJFPegasusJF Member Posts: 268

    1. Well, you could go to the recruitment forum in the EVE website (to either post something about yourself or look for corps that are recruiting that fullfill your preferences.) and there is a recruitment feature in the game now that you could look over (not quite sure of it's abilities though)

    2. My first gut instinct is no. But take a look at your skills, and what you want to do. If you would rather spend the time on a new character to get where you want to go then do it. But, you have skills there already will improve your versatility.

    It just doesn't make sense to me, but that's me.

    Hope you enjoy EVE!

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