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closed (dont know how to delete)

:-/ closed


  • glordglord Member UncommonPosts: 338

    Why do people post this crap in the RP section? Do you even know what the definition of ROLEPLAYING is?


  • blutengel666blutengel666 Member Posts: 4

    i gues not then

    i dont see any wheres els to put it :-/

  • nolpscpjnolpscpj Member Posts: 9

    dude play World of Warcraft, there are plenty of other demos out there for other mmo's also, if not WoW than Guild Wars (which is not an mmo) again, try the demo. Also EQ2. But seriously dude, if you havent at least tried world of warcraft give it a chance, u might get hooked.

  • blutengel666blutengel666 Member Posts: 4


    i just heard stuff, but i could give it a shot

    and i also tryd EQ i forgot to mention... i only lasted liek an hour befor i gave up

    it just idk it was just anoying haha

    thansk tough ill try it :-/

  • nolpscpjnolpscpj Member Posts: 9

    not sure if it has a trial for it, if u want to try before you buy, than guild Wars has a free trial, and if u like the superhero thing City of Heroes/Villains has a 14 day fee trial for it also

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