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Newb Isle Leveling Guide

darktravestydarktravesty Member Posts: 199

Here is some help for you new players on noob island, I wrote this awhile back. There are errors in it, I know, I probably put some words in goofy places, but I am far too lazy right now to look over it. The below is a guide on leveling to about 22 on the Mourning server, it is not good for any other server. Enjoy, and bear with any errors.

RedOctober’s Newb Island Leveling Guide (1-22, Mourning Map)

Ok, so you’ve created your character (and if you have not or need help, please refer to Flynn’s excellent newbie guide, found on the Shadowbane forums ( and may or may not have logged in to the game already. If you haven’t logged in, do so with your new character, and when prompted to choose a starter town select the “Hamlet of Kilreyden”. If you already have, you will need to get to the Hamlet of Kilreyden, which can be done by talking to the Runemaster in whichever town you happen to be in. From the dialogue options, select “What else can you tell me?”, then in the next set of options select “How do I leave this village?”, and finally select “Repledge to new city.” A window will pop up asking you if you are sure, hit yes (unless of course you aren’t sure) Another window will come up with a selection of cities you could repledge to, scroll through them, locate the “Hamlet of Kilreyden” and hit okay.

Once you load up and appear there, by the statue, you will want to head northeast, to the spider/ant spawn behind the Forge. It is best to continue killing these until you reach level three. Approximate co-ordinates of this place are LT:20266 LG:23921.

After you hit level three, leave the ant/spider spawn and head south, through town (train if you need to). The next spawn is directly south of town, following the road, and it consists of Lizardmen/spiders/snakes. Continue leveling here until you hit five or six. Approximate co-ordinates are LT:20004 LG:23232.

Okay, after you hit 5 or six you have two options, after you train if you need to of course. The first, and generally the best, is to ask over nation chat (/n <message>) if there are any groups with room at a camp people simply refer to as “Kings” or “Grobold Kings”, which can be found southeast of the Hamlet of Kilreyden. If you receive no response, just head on over there, and look for people. If you see any, group up with them, which makes leveling here a whole lot easier. Ok, here is a sort of tricky part, it’s a legitimate little trick you can do that makes life easier in the end. Keep on leveling here until you hit level 10; when you hit 10 you will get a message saying you must promote to level, just ignore it and keep on leveling. After awhile you will notice that your exp reads “-xxxx xp” (negative X amount experience), this is the trick. Continue killing there until you get to roughly “-109,000 xp”. I will tell more about the benefits of this later. Approximate co-ordinates of this location are LT:20639 LG:21587.

The second option you have to get to level 10 and negative xp is only if you can not find a group, because it is slower and not as easy. If you can not find a group, you will need to solo mobs at a small Grobold camp. Pull each mob single if you can, and if you pull too many and they start messing you up, sprint away until they “de-agro” you, and rest. This won’t get you quite to ten at a very fast rate, so you’ll want to get fairly close, and when the experience starts to slow down noticeably head over to Kings and pull solo mobs there to kill, or get if group if there is one there by that time. From there just continue as is written in the first option, doing the negative experience and all. There are many small Grobold camps like this around, one of which can be found northwest of Kings, at approximate co-ordinates LT:20127 LG:22103.

Excellent, now you are level 10 and negative 109k exp, it’s time to promote, which means heading to a larger city for a bit. Head back to the Hamlet of Kilreyden by foot, or if you don’t mind dieing, just suicide in to whatever mobs you are fighting at the time and it’ll get you back faster. Once you are there, speak to the Runemaster. You’ll have several dialogue options, select “What else can you tell me?”. From here select “How do I leave this village?” and from there select “Repledge to new city.” A window will pop up asking if you’re sure, hit yes. Then another window will pop up asking which city you would like go to, select Khar Th’Sekt (Khar for short) and hit okay/the little checkmark.

Now that you’re in Khar you’ll need to find the trainer of the class which you plan on promoting to. Most of them can be found near where you spawn, but several are inside of the city. To quickly find yours type “/target <class name (i.e. Barbarian)>” and hit enter. This will select anyone/any NPC in range with the word “Barbarian” in his/her name, and since the trainers have the class they train in their name, it will usually select them. Ok, promote and all of that sun stuff, and head to the Tree of Life in the center of the city, and speak with the Runemaster. Select “Repledge to new city.” again, and this time select the “Hamlet of Fort Troidan” Hit okay and off you go.

Wooo, ok, at Fort Troidan now. Leave Fort Troidan and head west until you hit the edge of the swamp zone, “Pen’shaar Bog” Now, hug the edge of the zone heading north for a short time until you see a path heading northish into the bog (you see it basically right away). Follow that path for a bit, until you come to the approximate co-ordinates LT:25241 LG:19592. When you get there, look west and you will see a small camp of mobs called Nailtoothes, these are what you kill until level 20-22 (however long you decide to stay, I usually stay until 22 but many will just leave at 20, either is fine). There is usually a group here, and many times it is full if there is one there, so politely ask if there is any room, and if not ask if you may wait in line. In the case there is not a group there, you will have to pull single mobs and kill them, one at a time, very slooow…

The first several kills at Nailtoothes, (2-3) you will notice that you instantly level, this is the effect of going negative exp earlier. You already have the exp for each of those levels, so if you get any exp at all while negative after having promoted it prompts you to level up, cashing in that exp for a level. This is usually a good idea because killing Grobold’s at Kings is easier than killing Nailtoothes, so you can give yourself a little boost by killing easy Grobolds for a little while longer. I hope that made sense, I tried my best to explain it.

Huzzah, now you should be level 20 plus, congratulations! From here on out you’re on your own, I would advise finding a guild to help you level, the mainland can be a treacherous place. Put up your “Looking for Guild Flag”, if you need a guild, (Guild Options>>Looking for Guild) and hopefully someone who is recruiting will contact you. Good luck, and enjoy Shadowbane!


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