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Best duo

Hey all my friend and I are about to start the game up and I am wondering what the best duo would be. Is group xp still good in this game unlike that damn wow game. Thank you


  • ToladinToladin Member Posts: 94

    Minstrell / Champion would be the best IMO -

    Minstrell to heal / small damage, while the champion can take a beating, and deal huge damage...

    Other possible combo's could be Capt / Guard,

    Minstrell / Guard

    Loremaster / Burg would be interesting =)

  • PyrostasisPyrostasis Member UncommonPosts: 2,293

    I agree minst champ


    Its like a weedwhacker with heals.

  • tide88tide88 Member Posts: 8

    Say one wanted to be a hobbit and the other a human how hard would it be to find each other. How far away are the two starting areas

  • 8hammer88hammer8 Member Posts: 1,812

    Both could meet in bree at level 10...if you guys want to do beginning quests together, you will be outleveling one of the starter areas.  If you want to join up right is a little bit of a run from either the shire to combe or vice versa.  You will level up quick in your starter areas, so I suggest that.  You will be together in the introduction, but will split into the starter areas after completetion.

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  • Torquemada40Torquemada40 Member Posts: 71

    I'd say loremaster/captain.

    More than sufficient healing output, solid DPS, crowd control, buffs/debuffs.

  • BesCirgaBesCirga Member Posts: 806

    Have to agree with the Lore Master / Captain duo ... Played well, its by far the strongest duo ingame

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