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Pirates of the Burning Sea: Latest Patch Notes

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

Flying Lab Software has posted the patch notes for the latest build of Pirates of the Burning Sea.  The new build brings a number of changes, including significant changes to the swashbuckling system, changes to the ship refit system, looping music, and more.

This build includes some major changes to Swashbuckling that we are eager for you to test. Initiative decay is gone. That means as you rack up Initiative from prep attacks, you keep it instead of seeing it quickly drain to 0. We think this removes a large amount of suck from avatar combat. We also decided that low-level grunts were too easy, so they start getting challenging at level 12 instead of level 16. These two changes should mean that your fights will be more challenging and less button-mashing.

Looping music! You will now hear music throughout ad hoc battles and many combat missions.

We fixed a client crash that could happen while your Mission UI was visible. Several of you have experienced this crash and we are very happy to have it fixed.

We are changing ship refit items so they are only available as turn-ins for Marks of Victory. Some of this work is in this patch, but the rest will be in the next patch. This build removes ship refit items from the economy so they can no longer be produced there. (In the next build, ship refits will be removed from the career missions and instead those missions will award a stack of Marks of Victory. That build will also add ship refit items to the Marks of Victory turn-in missions. Your career missions will give you almost, but not quite, enough Marks to get a refit item.)

Read more here.


  • FlummoxedFlummoxed Member Posts: 591

    whew, more Core changes.  It's like no aspect of the game was ever Playtested.    Amazing.

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