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fitarmyguyfitarmyguy Member Posts: 4

help everyone! Im used to play SWG until it died. Also been on WoW since launch. Thats it so not too much experience. I really loved SWG. I looking for soemthing sorta like. A Kind of spaceship, ground fighting sort of MMO. I was lookign into EVE, phantasy star online, Tubula Rasa. If anyone know of any other out there please fill me in! Im sick of WoW now. Space pirate of bounty hunting would rock too =D


  • dA_fReAKdA_fReAK Member Posts: 384

    EVE is a good game but I found it a bit bland and boring, I'd say look at Tabula Rasa and Lord of the Rings Online.

  • shadout00shadout00 Member Posts: 253

    LOTRO is just a washed up version of WoW in my opinion. I bought it and played it less than a week. Even now the game is only 10 bucks which says something about where its going (downwards).

    Tabula Rasa caught my attention for awhile. The game is kind of like SWG in the combat sense and you are very mobile. I did find it to get repetitive (but what MMO isnt, right?) with all the combat and the missions are similar.


    I would say TR over all the rest. If it held my attention it would probably hold yours.

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