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Angels Online: New Year's Gifts

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

IGG will be giving out New Year's gifts to player's of Angels Online who log in between midnight on January 1st and January 8th.

As New Year is fast approaching, our Angels Online team is preparing mystic gifts for all of our little angels. Those players who are above level 10 and who log into the game during the period from 0:00 am Jan. 1st 2008 to 0:00 am, Jan.8th 2008, open your bag, you will find 4 surprising gifts given by the official. Please make sure that you have enough space in your bag to hold them!

We sincerely appreciate all of your support for Angels Online. The amazing success of this game is totally down to the tireless support you have given us.  Hopefully our gifts can go some way to express our gratitude.  So here's looking forwards to a New Year in the land of Eden and many more exciting adventures!

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  • beckhambeckham Member Posts: 68

    ....i am currently playing Angels Online , and i hope i can obtain some good gifts!

  • zoecoolzoecool Member Posts: 15

    i am wondering what kinds of these 4 suprising gifts will be. Decide to play it.


  • freeleefreelee Member Posts: 102

     i'm playing it, the character is very cute ,  i hope the gifts is very nice.

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