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The game is not free?

AxeRiderAxeRider Member Posts: 3

I just installed this game after I completed the registeration online, they said something like "A3 will free until i have a lvl30 char or until a year after my registration date.


  • Glam.IndieGlam.Indie Member Posts: 56
    yes thats right ...

    and dont try A3 ... this game suckz

    the fighting system is the worsest of this game ...

    how stupid
  • CCDeathCCCCDeathCC Member Posts: 128


    this game sucks cuz when u will update it its have an error nvm but also have wrost pvp system and graphica like 5.0 like mu online its not good game its will be more good if u find at least 20 players lol i dont need to try a3

    Hey Everyone

  • AxeRiderAxeRider Member Posts: 3

    Thanks for the informations.

  • ViolertViolert Member Posts: 33

    You'd be better off buying Dungeon Siege II and playing the online version.

    The graphics look the same, when I saw it I was like OMG DUNGEON SIEGE?

    But I'm an idiot, so you've been warned <3

  • mehfuzmehfuz Member Posts: 2

    i was going to download this game, now i won't

    many thanks for this info and saving my time

  • MisterDejonMisterDejon Member Posts: 15

    i played A3 when it was free, wasnt bad but ppl didnt talk.. then it was P2P... so i stopped.. now its free trial and then P2P? how stupid is that xD

  • GolemiTopkiGolemiTopki Member UncommonPosts: 6

    really bad graphics :(

  • NagelFireNagelFire Member Posts: 409

    I tried it when it was free.. and it was kind of annoying because no matter where i turned my camera, there was ALWAYS a tree or a branch or a person blocking the view of my charecter -_-.

    Well.. apart from that it isnt a bad game but I dont think its worth a p2p.  You can go and play much better p2p games.


  • furyloopsfuryloops Member Posts: 2

    The game doesn't suk, it's the server that suks,  i used to play the this same game in SG and CN server. Now I'm still playing it on pvt server (sometimes).

  • SweetSenseSweetSense Member Posts: 33

              ugly game.......P2P for what?

    never cry ......just screem

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