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Ideazon Fang Game Pad MOD

freeopfreeop Member Posts: 5

Has anyone by any chance created a MOD for EVE-Online yet?

I know that EVE is not that much of a FPS or other type games, but just wanted to find out before I start making one. If someone has already done one, would be a lot easier that having to reprogram from scratch.

If not, then when I get mine done will post it for anyone that may want to use it.

Thanks in advance...


Michael L Acklin


  • METALDRAG0NMETALDRAG0N Member Posts: 1,680

    What does your mod do exactly?


    As its very liklythat the mod wouldnt be alowed in EvE.

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  • i_own_ui_own_u Member UncommonPosts: 314

    I would surf around for a while, see if there is one. If there isn't there is a pretty good chance that they are not allowed. Mabye contact them or ask a GM if you could.

  • freeopfreeop Member Posts: 5

    Ah, it is not that kind of MOD.

    All that it is a Modification to the Fang Game Pad. All it does is converts the Keyboard keys to the Game Pad format.

    I have the Game Pad next to my keyboard and can program the Game Pad to push the keys needed for the game itself.

    Like instead of pushing the F1 key on the keyboard, I can program my Game Pad to Use the F1 as the One Key. Or ALT F2 as the 2 key, etc.

    Here's a link to the gamepad site itself, just to give you an idea...

    It is just an easier way to play than having to remember all the keys on the keyboard itself.


    Michael L Acklin

  • freeopfreeop Member Posts: 5

    Well after looking over the default Keyboard Layout within Eve-Online, there are only 15 keys or so to use.

    So did the MOD myself in about 10 minutes. If anyone needs it, just leave me a PM and will email it to you.

    It should work with all the Ideazon Z-Engine Keyboards/Game Pads.

    Thanks for looking at the post and helping out.

    Cya In Game

    Michael L Acklin

  • batolemaeusbatolemaeus Member CommonPosts: 2,061

    You do know that there are tons of shortcuts in Eve, that you can configure? Like "activate autopilot", "Tell drones to engage", "Tell drones to come back", "undock" etc..?

  • JenuvielJenuviel Member Posts: 960

    If he has a Fang, he might as well use it. I don't use mine for EVE mainly because I'm left-handed, so the numberpad's good enough for what I need in this game. The main advantage of the Fang is layout, anyway. You're just assigning those keyboard shortcuts in EVE to the keypad on the Fang so they're in places that are more comfortable for your off-hand; if he assigned "launch drones" to F1, he could then assign F1 to the 1-key on the Fang, or any other key. The ultimate goal is to get things in an even more organized layout than you could with a keyboard, not any sort of rule-bending or content-altering, neither of which the Fang can do. It's just a smaller, specialized keyboard.

  • batolemaeusbatolemaeus Member CommonPosts: 2,061

    I was referring to "there are only 15 keys or so to use.". There are many, many more unassigned shortcuts in eve that you could use. And then you will easily reach 30-40 keys.. ;)

  • freeopfreeop Member Posts: 5

    Thanks Bat, I found those shortcuts yesterday and am setting them up now. Just take a little time.

    And as Jenu mentioned, I like using my Fang with most games now. I should have just said a Fang Template and not a MOD. MOD's are usually associated with exploits and cheats, and I had no intention of using those kind of things. I do not want to lose my account over something like that.

    Thanks to all that did reply. Am still working on the TEMPLATE :)



    Michael L Acklin

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