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A couple of newbie questions.

celdridgeceldridge Member Posts: 188

I am very interested in trying out EQ2 but had some questions to ask before I did purchase it.

Does it work with Vista?

I currentky play COH, but have a ton of problems with it because Cryptic refuses to update it for Vista. Game crashes all the time. Does EQ2 have the same problem?

Do I only need to purchase Rise of Kurnak? Or do I have to buy EQ2 and the ROK expansion?

Any other advice you could give such as a good server for newbies and a helpful guild would be great.



  • LunaniLunani Member Posts: 15

    EQ2 works with Vista if you run it as administrator. So far I didn't have a crash.

    you only need RoK, it includes all previous expansions and adventure packs.

    Can't comment on good servers or guilds unless you plan to play the german version =)

  • celdridgeceldridge Member Posts: 188

    How do I run it as administrator? Not sure what that is.

  • LunaniLunani Member Posts: 15

    right-clicking programs gives you an option "run as administrator" under vista

  • celdridgeceldridge Member Posts: 188

    Thank you very much.

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