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Thinking about giving the EVE Trial a go

RatslaughRatslaugh Member Posts: 23

Any races to consider, and any races to avoid as a starting out player?


  • NeikoNeiko Member UncommonPosts: 626

    Well, all races are basically equaled out, but some do things better than other. Plus, you can train skills for other races, and you will be just effective at one race ship, as you can another. You just have to take the time to train the skills. So, picking your starting race, really, just depends on what you want to do right now, but, you aren't limited to doing just what that race has if you want to do something else.

    At least, since a year ago, and I don't really think that's changed much, other than extra starting sp.

  • FinwolvenFinwolven Member Posts: 289

    Go with what you like; races are pretty universal for a new player still in trial status. Later, they remain pretty universal, but everyone disses the Amarr. Caldari are considered the best PVE race, and Minmatar and Gallente are at a dead heat in top PVP efficiency, with Gallente being considered to have a slight advantage in PVE making it the 'most rounded' of all races.

    That's what the common wisdom holds, but common wisdom isn't always true, and in time you'll find your own style and the ships that complement it.

  • JenuvielJenuviel Member Posts: 960

    That all holds true when it comes to ship types, but there are certainly better races when it comes to attributes. One of the first things you'll notice in-game is that a lot of people have similar-looking portraits. That's because the Achura bloodline has low Charisma (which is widely considered to be the least useful stat) and mid-to-high Intelligence and Perception, which are the primary attributes for nearly every skill in the game. Attributes affect the amount of time it takes to learn skills, so having high numbers in those two areas will decrease the amount of time it'll take to learn Gunnery skills, Engineering skills, Electronics skills, Mechanic skills, Missile skills, Navigation skills, Science skills, and Spaceship Command skills. That's a lot.  Here's a table of starting attributes:



    Amarr Liberal Holders-----7-------6------4-------6-------11

    Amarr Wealthy Commoners---7-------4------4-------9-------10

    Amarr Religious Reclaimers-7------3------4-------6-------14

    Ni-Kunni Free merchants---5-------12-----7-------6-------4

    Ni-Kunni Border Runners---6-------8-----10-------6-------4

    Ni-Kunni Navy Veterans----5-------8------7-------6-------8

    Khanid Cyber Knights------6-------5-----11-------4-------8

    Khanid Unionists----------7-------7-----8--------4-------8

    Khanid Zealots------------5-------5------8-------6-------10


    Gallente Activists--------6-------12-----8-------4-------4

    Gallente Miners-----------6-------8------8-------8-------4

    Gallente Immigrants-------6-------8-----10-------4-------6

    Intaki Artists------------8-------8------5-------7-------6

    Intaki Diplomats----------8-------10-----3-------7-------6

    Intaki Reborn-------------8-------6------3-------11------6

    Jin-Mei Sang Do Caste-----5-------8------6-------5-------10

    Jin-Mei Saan Go Caste-----7-------7------6-------7-------7

    Jin-Mei Jing Ko Caste-----5-------7------10------5-------7


    Deteis Merchandisers------7-------6------5------11-------5

    Deteis Scientists--------10-------6------6------7--------5

    Deteis Tube Child---------7-------6------5------7--------9

    Civire Entrepreneurs------5-------6------9------8--------6

    Civire Mercs--------------5-------6------9------4--------10

    Civire Dissenters---------5-------8------9------4--------8

    Achura Inventors---------12-------3------7------6--------6

    Achura Monks-------------8--------3------9------6--------8

    Achura Stargazers--------8--------3------8------9--------6


    Sebiestor Tinkerers-----11--------6------5------6--------6

    Sebiestor Traders--------7-------10------5------6--------6

    Sebiestor Rebels---------7--------6------8------6--------7

    Brutor Workers-----------4--------6------9------8--------7

    Brutor Tribal Tradit..---4--------7------9------4-------10

    Bruto Slave Child--------4--------6-----11------4--------9

    Vherokior Drifters-------9--------8------6------8--------3

    Vherokior Mystics--------8--------8------4------8--------6

    Vherokior Retailers------7--------9------4-----11--------3


    The magic numbers are those 3s for Achura. You have 5 extra points to spend when you start, so you can come up with Achura templates that are very balanced or very specialized with very little waste. Now, that said, I started with a Ni-Kunni border runner because I had no idea what I was doing and I loved the portrait choices. If I had it to do over again, I might have done it differently. Even so, though, it hasn't been impossibly difficult for me to pursue the direction I've chosen to go in, it's just been a little slower. It really comes down to how important the math of it is to you. You'll get by with anything, but some races definitely do have advantages.

    My advice is to download EVEMon, look at the various skills, figure out what general sorts of things sound enjoyable to you, examine which attributes are the primary contributors to those skills,  then look back at this chart and do the best you can to maximize those attributes (taking into consideration your preferance for portraits, "not being like everybody else," or "following common logic").


  • LtNCOWNSLtNCOWNS Member Posts: 4

    I just downloaded the trial last night and I am absolutely loving it.  I wish I would have gotten into this game sooner.

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  • METALDRAG0NMETALDRAG0N Member Posts: 1,680

    I chose a  Vherokior Mystics and im very happy with the stat choices i made as i now have 23 all acrross the bourd [exept for charisma].

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  • iCehiCeh Member UncommonPosts: 884

    Originally posted by LtNCOWNS

    I just downloaded the trial last night and I am absolutely loving it.  I wish I would have gotten into this game sooner.

    lol, that's what everyone says (mostly because of the skill points )  Have fun on your trial, and good luck if you decide to stick with it.



  • batolemaeusbatolemaeus Member CommonPosts: 2,061

    Attributes are over-rated. I balanced them on both my main and alt. Gives you the good feeling that whatever you skill, it will train fast enough, and you can change skillsets without having to worry about low attributes.

  • ElindrilElindril Member Posts: 21

    As others have said all the races are more or less worth flying.  None are so out of whack that they should be avoided. 

    You'll have an easier time in early pvp with gallente, their cruisers are exellent and skill progression very linear. 

    Minmatar are great pvp ships with good frigates, cruisers, bc, and bs's, and have decent ships for pve and pvp.  Their higher end ships are *very* skillpoint intensive, but for the rifter or rupture its not nearly that bad, and both are top tier in their respective classes.

    Caldari reign supreme for PVE, missles are fairly noob friendly in PVP even if not all the ships that use them are terribly suited for pvp roles a caracal is probably the easiest cruiser to jump into pvp in. 

    Amarr have a decent frigate in the Punisher, a fair cruiser in the Arbitrator, a decent battlecruiser, and a good bs line(minus the apoc).  Just about everything else in their T1 line is crap(executioner, omen, maller, prophecy except maybe with t2 blasters and lots of SP, the list goes on).  T2 ships range from bland to stellar.  Very skillpoint intensive, and very much a mixed bag.  an abaddon or absolution with 25mil+ skillpoints behind it is absolutely terrifying.  It doesnt matter how many sp you have though, an omen will still be at best sub par.

  • PegasusJFPegasusJF Member Posts: 268

    Pretty much, go with a face you love and if you're the roleplayering type (or not even that) go with a faction and bloodline who's story you like best.

  • solesole Member Posts: 78

    give the trial a go :) I would also dont think soo much what race wise as the

    as said before the "skills and the races" it's no best race in eve it's you yourselft who do

    the work  need help ingame give me a msg here. private msg plz.

  • RatslaughRatslaugh Member Posts: 23

    enjoying the trial so far, doing some mining in a lil minimatar burst frig.

    maybe i'll go try to at least witness some pvp actions before this thing expires, even if my ship gets turned into scapr metal in the process

  • iCehiCeh Member UncommonPosts: 884

    Originally posted by Ratslaugh

    enjoying the trial so far, doing some mining in a lil minimatar burst frig.
    maybe i'll go try to at least witness some pvp actions before this thing expires, even if my ship gets turned into scapr metal in the process

    Minimatar? That thing is already scrap metal.


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