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Honestly is only worth $50 if you want the items and Professions

Pretty much this game was here to fill time between Prophecies and Nightfall because Factions almost completely focused on PvP. They did VERY LITTLE for the PvE aspect of the game.

You can' see their lack of PvE attention in the story line, you can beat the game in like 2 days and get to level 20 ina few hours. Clearly their focus was to get to level 20 as fast you can to go do Alliance Battles. Which made it bad for Prophcies players because everyone was just in a rush to get to Kaineng center so they could start getting quests worth 3000-4000 exp.

The only reason I bought was so I could have them all, I just don't think the game is very good.


  • AutemOxAutemOx Member Posts: 1,704

    I dont think the story line was as good either but youre going a little far saying that it was completely useless.  It was still pretty fun.  I was mostly upset because the storyline quests focus a lot on killing masses of enemies, which detracts a lot from the strategy of the game.

    There is a lot of PvE content that isnt related to the main storyarc though.  I think ANet was hoping to keep this campaign from looking too linear by adding a lot of special missions that do not have to be done to complete the main storyarc.  This includes all those special missions you need to get a ferry to, the challenge missions where you kill as many enemies as you can and are put on a top kills list, and the faction-specific missions where you choose a faction and you dont have to complete the missions from the opposing faction.

    But yeah, the storyline was weaker than the other campaigns, and the cinematic animation was really poor, with some really poor voice acting.  Actually it got sorta funny.  I can still remember the way Danika's voice was all squeaky and valley girl, despite her being a sulky necromancer.  And the way shiro hears the same dialog over and over as he is driven insane before killing the emperor-  'the emperor... he is... *gasp!* going to kill you!'.  And of course the one luxon who is like 'even if it means we have to ally ourselves with... ... ... THE KURRZZIKKKSSSS!!!' who goes into a sudden, unexpected, crazy rage as he says the words 'the kurziks'.  image  Its all pretty halarious in a dissappointing way.

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  • daniboy2142daniboy2142 Member Posts: 19

    even if they just wanted everyone to quickly get to LvL 20 and beat the campagin PvP, alliance battles and GvG are still alot of fun too play!


  • polter101polter101 Member Posts: 15
    i found that this game was my favorite out of the three!  i mean the ritualist proffesian was great, and the PvP was really fun.  I dont see how u can view this game just as a filler. i know the storyline is weak but still an excellant game all around
  • GerosGeros Member Posts: 7

    Going by that logic,  Factions would be the best place to start a character because of fast leveling.   Which is exactly what I did.      I have since moved on to Nightfall but still check back into Factions to help others on missions and quests.    Given no monthly fees,  I think Factions is definitely worth the $50.       So,  far I have played Factions for 9 months and that translates to $5.50 per month.    

  • dertomokdertomok Member Posts: 79
    Arena.Net wanted too make Factions almost for PvP , because almost all player are focused on : Farming , title collecting , rearest skin wepons and armor collecting and etc... ( in few words I can say : Players are focused on GRINDING ) . So Arena.Net tried too distract their attention for grinding to PvP . If you will do PvP five hours a day , it would be balthazar factions farming ( too high grinding ) , so GW can get bored soon , in that case i recommend too do miscellaneous things .

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  • lazyguy87lazyguy87 Member Posts: 2

    "honestly is only worth $50 if you want the items and professions"

    forgot to mention the other stuff man

    (most of this won't make sense to you unless you play the game, like playing the game, and you aren't clueless)

    1) more skills to own those helpless noobs in pvp or even in pvm

        ex: my main is a female monk, i use the elite blessed light (faction elite), mostly protection skills along with gift of health (faction skill)... for pvping like in random arenas i love using a touch ranger (skill build not possible without factions)



    2) new character appearances

        ex: in guild wars prophecies the asian monk face i hoped for looked very awkward, in factions the asian monk face looked dreamy, hot, and almost real (yeah i'm asian go figure)


    3) new armor skins

        ex: my monk uses regular kurzick armor dyed teal and looks very nice, a lot better looking then the armor offered in prophecies in my opinion, my necro uses 15k luxons (guildwiki.org has great pictures) remember a time before insignias? where you had to buy stupid tattoos (armor set) if you wanted people to think you were a good monk? must i say more...?


    4) free high end item per character when you beat the game (a good reason to actually beat the pvm storyline especially if you're poor and looking for good weapon/shield)

        ex: my monk has a wayward wand, a perfect divine rod with 5 energy^50, 20% chance of 1/2 divine skill RECHARGE (not cast speed like the one offered at vendors)


    5) alliance battle is what makes me glad i bought factions. finally a 12v12 battle zone with both sides having teams of 3, my buddies and i use to ab like mad while using ventrilo to coordinate strategies, as part of the kurzick alliance we hardly ever lost and even when we did, we came close with our war/mes/ele/monk set up with the current update, ab is a great source for faction (for pvp only unlocking which affects your heroes if you have nightfall) and you get cash along the way too


    "honestly is not worth $50..." yeah yeah whatever, we all have different taste and purposes for games. if you can't find the value in what you bought then you wasted your money sucker be glad you don't have to pay monthly


  • GundaharGundahar Member Posts: 25

    I say they did a damn good job... Screw roleplaying and farming and bring on the PVP!

  • AmazingAveryAmazingAvery Age of Conan AdvocateMember UncommonPosts: 7,171

    I enjoyed all aspects of Factions, I prefered the original, but the introduction of new things people above made it worth while, plus I see it selling for $20 now in many places.

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