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Thoughts for a n00b

McwallenMcwallen Member UncommonPosts: 70

Im looking for a new MMO to play and this one caught my eye. I was wondering, are there any things I should know before considering this game? What makes this games unique or fun? Do you think it is a good MMO to start up? And finally, is there anything a new player should know before playing this game?



  • mbg1411mbg1411 Member UncommonPosts: 109

    Its a very simple game. There are plenty of people through out all the lvls and areas. At higher lvl RF has some pretty good pvp. Its pretty high up on the grind chart. If you can get through the grind its not a bad game, and its free!!

  • KevinRKevinR Member Posts: 35

    First the good news its free to download and play, there is a online cash shop. The first 30 levels go fast and you get one quest per level, with armour and weapon rewards.

    The bad news, its very hardcore PvP and with chaos potions you can be killed by your own race. When you reach 30 you are forced to level in a PvP area and often get killed by players 10-15 levels above you. There are a lot of  afk leveling and farming BOTs and its nearly impossible to avoid kill stealers. There is plenty of boring grinding to raise experience and points in melee/shield/ranged/force/ defense etc.

    My advice is give it a try, you might like it and it does not cost you anything other then your time.

  • HowlingFishHowlingFish Member Posts: 28

    Bots are an issue once ur high up in the levels. 

    Make sure your PT is maxed out or close to it... dont leave it behind...

    there is no easy grind (the 2nd reason is why)

    Money isnt an issue.... not till later on tho xD (depend on ur class)

     /map to talk to everyone

    If you dont mind a bit of grinding before the fun stuff try this out...

    3 faction vs each other is a unique of teh game... alot of community cooperation results in your races sucessfulness (makes you feel included xD)

    The armor you will see in the game is awesomee

    and the oversize weapons too. 

    helpful and kind people for the most part.

  • NinixNinix Member Posts: 190

    if you like pvp ull love the game... its pretty much a pvp game... u do lvl though.. and yes.. lvling is a biiig grind feast... killing the same mobs over and over again.. but the pvp makes up for the uber grind feast :P so if ur a true pvp player ull love the game ^^ so try it out


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