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Skill PTs stopped increasing, did I fail?

TierceTierce Member Posts: 49

So I'm liking this game so far.  Took me to about level 5 to figure out what all was going on, but since then I've been tediously leveling all my PTs of every kind.  So I hit level 11, and all of a sudden my skill PTs stopped increasing when I used them.  I had most of my skills at level 2, one still at level 1.  I have an Accretian warrior.  I'm gaining melee, ranged, defense, etc PT (although I still need to figure out where to buy a launcher and work on that one), but I am gaining nothing on Skill PTs.  It's not like it stopped at skill level 2 either.  I got several skills up about 10% past level 2, then the one skill I have at level 1 is 32% through.  Maybe I'm not killing the right things, or something else changed that I don't know about.  I can't even get increases when using my self-buffs. 

So anyways, someone throw a n00b a bone so I can actually get some PTing in when I get home from work tomorrow. 


  • SionedSioned Member UncommonPosts: 135

    Yeah it can be abit complicated with PTs. First of all you have your Main Skills like: Melee, Ranged, Force (oh no you dont your a robot :P), Unit, Shield, Defense. You should try to always have them nearly at the max value for your level - if you dont you get gimped - meaning that you are unable to train them anymore. For example if you never level up range and you hit level 20 or so you cant hit anything anymore to get PT. To get ungmiped you have to usea few tricks. 

    Each of you main skills as a PT like 10 /14 for example. If you hit now 14/14 you wont be able to get anymore PT until you adavnce a level.

    Then you have your actual skill PT pools for Basic Expert Elite and Master. If you cap any of these pools you wont be able to advance your skills anymore. For example if your basic Melee is 14/14 and your thrust skill is about 45,89 % you wont be able to get this skill higher until you advance a level.

  • NinixNinix Member Posts: 190

    but since the new expansion... u dont need all the pts... if ur a warrior..u kinda only need shield. melee and deff... ur not a gimp if u as a warrior only train def. melee and shield....


  • TierceTierce Member Posts: 49

    Ah, ok, I think I understand, but check me on this.  My range and melee PTs are at like 8/9 and 10/14 respectively.  Basically I need to get those up a point before I can start gaining skill PTs from using my skills.  I did not realize that the main PTs capped how much you could gain on your skill PTs. 

    Another question though, when you are maxed out at top level, will you be able to have level 7 on all your skills with maxed PT?  Or do you kindof have to pick and choose what you want to be stronger at and only level those skill PTs? 

  • Arch_RoyalArch_Royal Member Posts: 12

    stat pt doesn't boost the skill pt cap, ur lvl does.


    also, ur skill, stat, and lvl exp r all seperate so i don't see y u wouldn't be able to cap everything once u hit 50. skill/stat exp is gained from using that skill/stat(hitting with melee/ranged/launcher, blocking with shield, or just getting hit for defense). so i don't see why u wouldn't be able to cap all ur skills/stats at 50 as long as the mob shows at least 1 dot. altho, i'm only 34 atm in rf online so i may be wrong.

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