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Why runescape is going down the tube...



  • draguleadragulea Member Posts: 249

    [quote]Originally posted by Jester92

    Notice how you still havent found a game good enuff to replace runescape, testing is a sign of boredom with the games your currently playing.[/b][/quote]

    Very well spoken. I'm still waiting for "The One" to replace Runescape, I tested the vast majority of the games that are currently F2P (and some P2P too) and with all honesty I must confess I haven't found another game that comes close to Runescape's content. Yes, they have very good graphics, pretty looking skills and armors, but apart from these, they're very shallow. I said this many times: I would like to see a game that offers at least the same type of quest depth as Runescape (not to mention skills, varied maps and mobs, etc).
    It's my belief that ppl who bash Runescape are the ones incapable of leveling a toon to a decent level, the ones that get bored way to easily. In fact 95% of the ppl I questioned confessed the only thing they hated about Runescpae were the graphics.

    I also played Archlord, Rappelz, and various others, so I can state for a fact those are no better than Runescape...not by a long shot.

  • LlamsterLlamster Member Posts: 234

    ^I believe the game you're looking for is Perfect World. It's the only F2P game that can compare with RS when it comes to depth.


    Have played: RuneScape, EQ2 (free trial), Last Chaos, Silk Road, Dungeon Runners.
    Currently playing: RuneScape, Dungeon Runners.

    The notion that graphics, or anything else for that matter, are anywhere near as important as gameplay/fun is so utterly ridiculous that anyone who shares such a view should be placed in an asylum.

  • lovechiefslovechiefs Member UncommonPosts: 157
    Haven't played much RS,but it seems what is missing is a player run anti-cheat community
  • bubblepantz2bubblepantz2 Member Posts: 1

    ok people. personally i have a very restricting critique for MMOs. I personally wud think that RUNESCAPE sucks a**. I can find the same thing with better graphics, battle engine, quests in like 10 minutes. i can find a MUD of it probably. i can find fully 3D or jus 2-D. u want DOS based? ok gmme a day or two. i mean common, runscape jus looks like it sucks. plus the problem with people that arre 3rd party or jus sum guy playin corprate from his living room is that alot of them are jus retarded. the way i see it is that there will never be a creative MMO for free. RUNESCAPE has sucked from the start and will continue to suck for years. so either bring me a good creative MMO or jus suffer with the conditions of a crappy game, with a crappy chief running it.

    That is what bores me to tears.

  • draguleadragulea Member Posts: 249

    Originally posted by bubblepantz2
    I can find the same thing with better graphics, battle engine, quests in like 10 minutes.

    Please do, I'm waiting for some cool suggestions - just keep in mind: better graphics, tons of quests (quests, not tasks), multiple skills, improved battle system, impossible to gimp characters, and above all, free...MMO, that is. And while you do that, please think of this also: why these online games are called nowadays "MMO", and not "MMORPG" anymore ?!? Could it be....'cause implementing mostly PvP and combat features and forcing the players to grind like crazy to level won't make a role playing game?

    Runescape's beauty resides in its succesful emulation of real life situations: you want to eat a delicious pizza? Go harvest some grains, grind them at the mill to obtain flour, get the other ingredients, make the pastry, cook it. Or maybe you want to make a piece of armor? Go out and mine the ores, smelt 'em to obtain the metal, then take a hammer and create your armor on an anvil. That's pretty close to what would happen in real life. And your success depends on how you decide to grow your toon and how you develop your abilities. Corky as it may seem to the casual player, Runescape has a lot to offer. I'd love to see all these transplanted in a game with better graphics, but sadly such game still needs to be created.

  • devilisciousdeviliscious Member UncommonPosts: 4,359

    Runescape had alot to offer .. until today that is. They have now took away everything that families, friends, pures, and clans do.. my average day was take the supplies  my brother gave me from the day before while he was at work and make him what he needed out of them , when he came home give him what he needed while he goes and gets more supplies.. I got xp, he was able to get the product.. easy as that.. well the other things I liked to do was go on my noob walk out in wildy and wait for a clan to jump me then kill them all, drop their stuff in edgville and giggle .. well that is overwith too.. well then the other thing i liked to do was walk into cows by lumby and ask some random noob to make me a fire .. whoever bothered to do it got 100k as a reward and made their day .. wow I can't do that either .. hmm what can I do? grind away mindlessly for years to stockpile pixel gold that i can't share with anyone? maybe buy a poorly drawn pixel crown so i can be princess barbie while i listen to the sounds of my lovely axe hitting the trees...

  • Jester92Jester92 Member Posts: 156

     That described what i did the further along i got into reading the updates on Monday December 10th, the last straw for runescape to make a mess up on. MY friend i have been a fan of runescape for  a LONG Time, As i was of SWG. Guess what though? They kinda DID THE SAME THING AND NOW THEYA RE BOTH GOING DOWN THE TUBE! 300k  ppl played rs now after updates 70k MAYBE. Runescape is going into a depression, people are giving out millions making prices drop crazily! I am canceling my account tonite. Ive had it with jagex obsessing over the wrong things. So what real world trading happens, it cant be stopped. This GKING as i call it killed the game I WANT PKING NOT GKING!

    J. B.

  • AethiosAethios Member Posts: 1,527

    Originally posted by Jester92
    300k ppl played rs now after updates 70k MAYBE.

    Runescape had a lot more than 300k players. It was closer to 5 million, actually. While I agree with your post in general, making up numbers won't help your case.

    I, too, have been playing Runescape on and off for what seems like forever. I've watched this game go through some controversial updates, but this definitely takes the cake. I can no longer share ANYTHING anymore, even something as simple as a single potion or herb. The effective removal of trade from the game will definitely have an impact on their subscriptions, as entire families and clans quit out of sheer frustration.

    What's even more disgusting than the changes themselves is the general reaction of Jagex to the players' outcries. "We don't need the players, and good riddance to anyone who doesn't like the changes" seems to be the general message, although it's just business as usual for Jagex. They've never cared much about the players; they frequently ban people without evidence, despite the existence of several forms and databases where they are SUPPOSED to keep track of that sort of thing.

    Personally, I'm sick of Jagex thinking they can do whatever they want to the game and get away with it, so my fiancee and I both unsubscribed from the game the moment we heard about the changes. It's really all we can do. They've made it very clear that they don't care what we think, so we'll take back our money and leave them to do as they please.

  • AkaJetsonAkaJetson Member Posts: 1,167
    Originally posted by Aethios

    Personally, I'm sick of Jagex thinking they can do whatever they want to the game and get away with it, so my fiancee and I both unsubscribed from the game the moment we heard about the changes. It's really all we can do. They've made it very clear that they don't care what we think, so we'll take back our money and leave them to do as they please.

    The players wanted an end to macroing and scamming. Jagex has done that. As well clan wars and clan chat, all suggested by the community. They just went a bit too extreme this time. The game will recover itself soon, it always seems to.


  • devilisciousdeviliscious Member UncommonPosts: 4,359

    sad but true... They did not end macroing or rw item trading that is a farse.. Now the rw item traders are just stockpiling the $ on bots and selling the entire account.  rw item traders win this one.. runescape community lost. Runescape has recovered in the past.. but that is just that it was the past, before there was as much competition out there with mmorpgs, with more being made every year that have left runescape in the dust in many aspects, they will not see the recovery as easy as they have in the past . There are plenty of low cost mmorpgs out there now that will be receiving the $ that Jagex used to.  The difference this time is that the people that used to defend them have now given up, people that have stuck by them for 7 years, that pulled them through all their hard times, they have now  let down even the most loyal of players.  The players that these updates affected were players that pay for more than one membership: clans, families,  pkrs, and stakers. In the past the updates have never attacked all areas like that. That is what makes this time much different than before. They have made players whole purpose for playing obsolete.  In the days to come you will not see the friendly players that you have been accustomed to, the game is now made for those that are self centered and do not care about helping others.

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