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hey i wana quit rs2

lizardsrvnglizardsrvng Member Posts: 39

i am lizardman gr also in rs2 and i wana quit abdly cause its bad being perm muted and im a freakin lvl 100 and i mean thats a shit loada work to get to especially cause i try and stay with my life not the game so any 1  have any games to reconmend and i like games like rs

free easy and u have choices


  • TearReaverTearReaver Member Posts: 33

    well.... here are my suggestions.

    1. stop typing wrong... it makes you look bad.

    2. Sherwood Dungeon

    3. MapleStory





    8.The World R:2


    10. Knight Online

    11. Diablo II

    12. Mu Online

    13. ArchLord

    14. GuildWars

  • lizardsrvnglizardsrvng Member Posts: 39

    thanks i apreciate that.  Any specifics out of those u think id like best i already tried maplestory it takes 2 long to download.

  • TearReaverTearReaver Member Posts: 33

    Well, for sherwood, you don't download anything, it is on a web browser.

  • lizardsrvnglizardsrvng Member Posts: 39

    yea i tried playing that but i had no clue wat to do it was so wierd and yea it just didnt fit my style u kno i like being able to walk around not jsut clik on different pages

  • TearReaverTearReaver Member Posts: 33

    dude... Sherwood is not clicking on different pages... it is completely 3d, and it isn't point and click... it is so much more interactive here is the link:

  • lizardsrvnglizardsrvng Member Posts: 39

    im sorry i thought it was the other game i tried to play i already tried this 1 and i did again the problem was that my showave player wont work with it even when i try and download a new one it wont work ive tried everything customer support and all but it wont work.

  • TearReaverTearReaver Member Posts: 33

    Then your best bet would be mu online.

  • lizardsrvnglizardsrvng Member Posts: 39

    thank you im gona try it out now also quick question u kno what the OP next to my name stands for?

  • lizardsrvnglizardsrvng Member Posts: 39

    thank you for the sugestion now im downloading it for the next 7hr and 56m lol yea why do all mmorpg's have to be downloaded thats y i loved rs it was just go on a site and log on from anywhere in the world

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