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Need new MMO...

KesaraiKesarai Member UncommonPosts: 1

I have read through the other posts and while they seem interesting, they just don't seem to fit me, so I am posting this in hopes of possibly getting a recommendation by some that may have similar gaming tastes.

Short version: I am looking for a new MMO like so many others.

Gaming history: DAoC 4.? years, WoW for around 1.6 years, Ryzom, Rappelz, CoV, Heroes Online, and beta'd several.

Played L2 in beta, didn't care much for it. Hubby played AC for years, I don't care for it. Tried EQ2, didn't care much for it. There have been a few others but have since forgotten the names

I am a casual player (translate that to working full-time and being a mom) and generally solo or duo with hubby, so would need something that is solo/casual gamer friendly please. Would prefer something recently released, but am willing to try something thats been out awhile. Currently wandering around in Rappelz and its fairly fun, but I'm not a real big open PvP fan. Guess I was spoiled on DAoC's where it was my choice and I had to go to a diff zone to PvP. Definitely don't like FPS types.

Ok, forgive me if this post doesn't make a whole lot of sense, its been a very long work day (week) and brain is tired. If I've left out something, let me know and I'll fill in what I've forgotten.




  • nickman1993nickman1993 Member Posts: 287

    Not sure if you like a pirates our not but Pirates of the Burning Sea (POTBS) sounds like smething new and interesting although the end game is around Pvp it is very casual and there is a way to avoid Pvp


    Download now cnt wait hope its everything i think it is!!!

  • TearReaverTearReaver Member Posts: 33

    Wel then... If you are a solo PvE enthusiasts, I would suggest GuildWars... can be both PvE and PvP, easy to solo with a henchmen system. Try the trial, it is free.

  • truenorthbgtruenorthbg Member Posts: 1,453

    I am also a PvE player.  I would suggest Vanguard if you have a good system.

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  • DreamagramDreamagram Member Posts: 798

    Fairly recent release and solo/casual friendly? That'd be Lord of the Rings Online, I guess. :)

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