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Still deciding

SaintFinSaintFin Member Posts: 19

I am playig the trail version of EqII and it's hard to tell if I will like the game. It seems incredibly difficult so far. The monsters are all very strong and seems that you can only defeat monsters at a lower lvl than you. Then again, I have very few items, so perhaps I am just that weak. I still have quite a few spots to fill for items/armor, so I hope that it becomes easier as I fill them.

One thing is for sure, your better items come from monsters and a couple quests, certainly not from Merchants.


  • fozzie22fozzie22 Member Posts: 1,003

    I have to say the trial isnt very good and really doesnt give a good impression of how huge EQ2 is IMO is really doesnt give a decent feel for the game but all i can say is look at the Kunark expansion you get a hell of a lot of game for your money on that one fact alone i would give it a try.

  • MoiraeMoirae Member RarePosts: 3,318

    Umm.... what the heck are you playing? The trials aren't hard at all. You must be in an area that is far too difficult or you're playing one of the Priest/Mage classes that are meant for more advanced players.

  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    the trial is not hard

    but I also agree that Trial of the Isle is poor when compared to newbie areas Gfay / Darklight Woods / TD


    I wish SOE would remove the Isle and leave the other 3 starting areas as your options

    (with the added ability to choose Qeynos / Freeport)

  • SaintFinSaintFin Member Posts: 19

    I found out that until you learn to use the abilities and atleast get some that are actually worth something, it's a very slow start. I chose ranger in this game, which I usually always do, and found out that using the bow as a ranger is a waste, well, atleast in this trial version. You get one shot off before the enemy is too close to use anymore. Instead, I use the invisibility skill, sneak attack, cheap shot, then flank them with...uhhh, that flanking skill, lol, then finish them with some LIGHTANING!! lol

    The bow is worthless in this game. Much better sneaking around invisible so the unfriendlies don't mob you.

  • EverSkellyEverSkelly Member UncommonPosts: 341

    The bow is your main weapon as a ranger. Maybe you're just too low lvl.  You get better bow skills a bit later, like lvl 12 or 14, and do nice dps with a bow at later levels.

    To OP, it's not really hard, but if you feel it is so, then probably this game is just not for you.

  • LionexxLionexx Member UncommonPosts: 680

    Yeah the trial is nothing like the game so its really hard to tell if you will really like it or not.

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  • MalakaiMalakai Member Posts: 147

    Saintfin, trust me the game gets alot better.  The trial isle only gives you a small sampling of what is possible.  Stick with it, I do not think you will be disappointed.



  • WrenderWrender Member Posts: 1,386

    Just be sure to get Rise of Kunark All in one pack(40 bucks) You will be amazed!

    Say hello to your new obsession!

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