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Out of Memory



  • ethionethion Member UncommonPosts: 2,888

    Going to medium textures makes a HUGE difference on the amount of memory eq2 uses.  On maximum it seems to run upto 1.3-1.5gb.  On high it sits around .9-1.1.  On med it was around 300-500mb.

    Even with 2MB I was running into swaping issues unless I shut stuff down before running EQ2.


  • MalakaiMalakai Member Posts: 147


    I am not sure if this will help you at all(or anyone else), but I was getting the same direct x out of memory error that you are.  I searched many posts and tried all the different things like update my graphics card drivers, adjusting virtual memory, etc.  None of it worked for me.  This was really baffling to me because I have never ever crashed on EQ 2 and I only have a gig of ram. 

    Well one day the idea popped in my head to check to see if maybe my anti virus software might have something to do with it.  I did a search for any comments about Trend Micro and I saw a thread where someone said that he was getting this error and it went away after he uninstalled it.  After I removed the Trend Micro anti virus program, I have not crashed since.  If you have an anti virus active, check to see if this is your problem.  I just figured I would pass this along.



  • DamerosDameros Member Posts: 29

    Ok guys, I've just completely re-installed XP and have been playing EQ2 on high graphics without a single crash or hitch (yay).

    Malakai, I also have Trend Micro but haven't installed it yet, I will install it later on today and see if I crash, if I do, I'll uninstall it try another anti-virus like AVG.

    If Trend Micro is the problem, would just turning it off work or would I have to uninstall it?


  • MalakaiMalakai Member Posts: 147

    You could try to turn it off first, but the guy whose post I read actually uninstalled it to solve his problem.  I wanted the problem to go away so bad, that I just went ahead and uninstalled it.  But definitely try just turning it off first if you really like Trend Micro's anti virus program.


    Edit- I went and looked up the post for you Dameros.  Here is a link to it-

    Hopefully everything will run smooth for you now.  


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