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anyone is playing Irth Worlds ?

It's an old MMORPG, but pretty decent. It's like a 3D UO

site: www.irthworlds.com

see the features:


  • Open Skill System. No leveling or Classes
  • Player Housing, Each account gets a free house with a small amount of land around it, not instanced, actual land occupying
  • House Management System to decorate your house - Lock Items down and move them
  • Large World 192 x 192 km or 36864 Sq Kilometers
  • Zone Free Environment (except when teleporting)
  • Auction House System
  • PvP and Non PvP players in the same world
  • Underground and above ground adventures
  • Horse Routes as well as Own your own Horse ( or mount )
  • Mounts - Many Different
  • Travel System including Gates, Flight and Horse Routes
  • High Detailed Crafting & Resource Gathering System ( furniture, weapons, armor, clothes, potions and more )
  • Community Friendly with High Developer Interaction
  • Humans, Elves, Dwarves and more soon to be released Player Characters

I recommend it to all you MMO fans!


  • DefectDefect Member Posts: 246

    This game is riddled with client issues and bugs. It is quite honestly trash. Lacks about 2 more years worth of development. And all this is comming from someone who has been there since early Irth beta. I gave this game another shot recently since it has gone F2P and after 2 years, I still cannot see any improvement. To sum this game up in 2 words: Train Wreck.

  • ElgarLElgarL Member UncommonPosts: 191

    I played Irth back at release and also after when it was free. I stopped when they began charging, but was invited to return as it's going F2P again, at least for those with existing accounts (for 2 years).

    Back when I played it had a LOT of potential, however that potential was never realized as there were internal problems with it's developer and it's now a one man band. Lots of ideas, but nothing ever comes of it.

    Not a bad game to pass the time, but definately not worth a fee to play.

    Oh you also have to put up with bloom effects on absolutely everything.

    Creator of ELTank and Nostalgia

  • JadetoothJadetooth Member UncommonPosts: 372

    I'm intrigued.. downloading now :)


  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912

    If you go in expecting a game with everything working, you'll be disappointed.

    If you go in with the knowledge that the game is in a late-Alpha / early-Beta state and are willing to be a tester for a 2 year old game, you'll be fine.

    The game design has potential, but the implementation leaves some to be desired.

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