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Armed Insanity

CablespiderCablespider Member UncommonPosts: 272

Bare with me as this post is a bit different than most recruitment posts. I'm not the greatest salesperson but here's the pitch....

Armed Insanity has a long history going back to Earth and Beyond. That was short lived and our main area of interest became first person shooters. I won't bother listing our gaming experience because it's quit extensive. Our motto is, "You pick the game, we conquer it!". If there was enough interest in a particular multiplayer title, we went with it. In that time, we played casually, competed on TWL ladders and professionally in CAL.

WoW came along and we ventured off into MMO Land as a guild. Clan efforts were still supported in the fps arena but most of our attention was on WoW. Team =AI= was represented on 3 realms (2 PvE and 1 PvP). That was a management nightmare. We tried a few other titles but always stuck with WoW. A year and half later, it all fizzled. Burnout set in and most members went their separate ways after I retired my toon, for good! The same goes for the fps teams. So much effort was being put into the guild side of things that the clan side eventually died off. I bit off more than I could chew, I'm sure of it.

Since then, I have been trying to bring =AI= back to it's former glory. A time when the site was seeing  800,000 page views a year, membership was in the hundreds and teamspeak was flat out full on a nightly basis. Those were the good old days. I tried EVE on a trial basis some months ago and because of my addictive nature, was instantly hooked. I gave up on it because of my addiction to the World of Warcrack. After having laid the Blizz Pipe down, I still had a craving for some MMO goodness and picked EVE back up. I must admit though, I'm overwhelmed at it's complexity. In fact, I'm downright lost.

Now, the offer.... Let me make this clear right now...I don't want to join a corporation. I want to build one from scratch. Since I have little to no experience in the game, I am in need of an adviser. This adviser will help give a sense of direction for a team that will be assembled in the near future. Think of it as a 1-year plan. I don't want someone to play the game for me. I want someone to come in, give me a run down of what to expect and help steer the plan in a certain direction. Once I have clear understanding, I will go from there.

The offer can go a few ways depending on the individual or group interested in such an endeavor. For the ambitious types....this is an opportunity to help build from the ground up. This entitles you to top tier leadership positions and you would work with me directly in getting this show on the road. As a corporate manager in RL, I understand corporate structure and everything that goes with it. I can bring a lot of skills to the table but not all. What I don't understand, is this game. I am looking for people to compliment my skill base so that we can build a kick ass corp. I need a person or group of people to help me with corporate responsibilities once a plan is hammered out. We will implement each step as needed when the time comes. I have a site, forums and teamspeak on a dedicated server and T1 that I control. I can market and advertise so that we can have an internet presence outside of the server for recruitment purposes or just for bragging rights.

The second option is to have an established corporation take me under their wing in an advisory position. Now why would a corp do that? Maybe there is a corp out there that needs a home on the net. I can offer the following for your services:

1. A dedicated forum section for your corp (with rights)

2. Unlimited teamspeak. You will have your own branch on the TS tree.

3. Killboard

4. Banners and site to include your corp. 'In Alliance with..." type situation.

All of this free of charge just for helping me get this started. I take pride in the fact that I have invested thousands of dollars in this community without one donation or handout from any member. I am always willing to lend out my resources to those in need. I've done 'no cash' sponsorships to homeless clans in the past and I enjoy it to this day.

For corps in need of home, I have what your looking for. No babysitting here....just a guide to help give me a sense of direction so that I can keep this moving. I can also bridge corps to help form an Alliances if need be. I'm not well versed yet in EVE structure so I may be off on that idea.

For anyone looking at a start up, come join me. For those needing some assistance in creating an internet presence for yourselves, I'm your man. I am very flexible but expect to negotiate to a final understanding no matter who takes the offer. I see some great opportunities for anyone interested. I hope you see them to.

Let it be known....I expect a sense of humor and a fun loving attitude above all. If your easily offended, please don't apply. What I don't want is some militaristic attitude driving this project. Structure and professionalism is great. Treating people like shit, is not. I'm here to have fun and expect the same from the membership.

If this is not the right place to post this, please delete and accept my apologies. No hard feelings...



  • BigDave7481BigDave7481 Member Posts: 298

    Yo Cablespider.  You've done well to pitch your goal and what you are looking to achieve on a corporate level, however, not on an Eve level.

    It sounds like you are willing to bring one or many corporations together, offering a Web site, Forums and Teamspeak to help coordinate this group.  In Eve we refer to these groups as Alliances.  Your management experience will definately give you an upper hand here and your abilities to market and advertise your Corporation and/or Alliance will make your goal all the more attainable.

    Now to bring this inline with Eve and give you a couple pointers on where to start.  As mentioned above, it sounds like you are looking to create your own Eve community, or Empire as we like to call them.  First you need to decide on what YOU want to achieve in Eve.  Do you want to run a conquoring empire where you fight to take and hold your own section of deep space?  Do you want to run an industrial Empire of trade and manufactoring?  Setting a long term goal early is the KEY to starting up your Corp.  Second, your corporation needs a dedicated core of CEO (you), Co-Ceo (most trusted 2nd in command) and one or more Directors.  These are your 'board members' if you will, that hold together, make decisions and operate the corporation.  Getting these members may be slow at first. 

    Once you have your core and a goal set then you start your recruitment drive.  Good places to go are the in-game chat channels and visiting the Recruitment channel and the recruitment forum on the Eve-Online site.  Focus on peope with the same or similar obectives you want to accomplish and from the same time zones as you.  Once you get a good group then start recruiting across time zones.  Once you get a decently large corporation together (50-100) then start an alliance and advertise like crazy!  Corps with similar goals will start contacting you about joining.  Then go with it from there.

    Make sure you also browse the Eve-online CAOD forum (if you can stand it) to get a handle on politics and the current political stance of the alliance/corps in Eve.  Politics is VERY prominent in Eve and its important to be versed in current Eve politics.  Also check out the various guides that are stickied in the EVe-O forums to help curb your lack of Eve knowledge.

  • CablespiderCablespider Member UncommonPosts: 272

    Thank you for the reply and tips. Your time is greatly appreciated. A hat tip in advance to anyone else that chimes in.

    As for Empire type, it will definitely be industrial. I was thinking about a salvaging corp or something like that. No mining, please!

    I guess what I'm trying to do now is assemble that board of members. I may be putting the cart before the horse though. I was hoping to attract some 'seasoned' players with a good grasp of the game. I'm not expecting experts to flock my way, just knowledgeable players. I figured with my available resources, I could somehow entice some people to use those resources to their benefit.

    Because I'm flexible and adapt qucikly, I'm not against entertaining ideas on direction and goal setting. I imagined assembling a core group initially for the sole purpose of brainstorming a long and short term set of goals. Then move on from there. I may be looking at this in the wrong manner though and I can see I need to delve in to the matter a bit more.

    My offer to align with another corp was just to attract an established corp that may want to help out a fledgling corp. Kind of shape and mold it for a certain purpose that meets the needs of the 'mother' corp. The 'sister' corp would then grow to an independent state and possibly do the same for another sister corp along the way. So on and so forth. Just thinking out loud here.....

    I will surely take a look at the sources you posted to gain knowledge. I am like a sponge.....

    *Back to the drawing board...*




  • FinwolvenFinwolven Member Posts: 289

    Meh, it's not a bad idea to look for corps to form an alliance with, even if you don't have a major idea on what to do.

    If you prefer the industrial/salvage action to PVP and mining, your corp will need other, supporting corps around it anyway. A good mining corp can supply you with minerals for truly impressive production values, and a PVP corp would form both a primary client and protection from competitors and predators.

    Then again, your own corp is still in a formative stage, and I'd suggest trying to first get it into operation and then to start attracting like-minded corporations on your area of operations. A few joint ops will persuade a corp to join with you far better then any recruitment mail.

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