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New UI?

ThelrinThelrin Member Posts: 10

I heard after RoK was released that there's now a new UI? From the trial, I thought the UI was kinda bad. How are you guys liking the new UI? Can someone maybe post a screenshot of it?


  • liquescentliquescent Member UncommonPosts: 145

    No new UI.

  • quaikyquaiky Member Posts: 566

    they did no complete change, but they are constantly refinig things in the ui. with rok they added zoom to the map window. overall eq2 has probably the most functional ui of all mmos i played. there are so many usefull things in eq2 ui that once you get used to you will miss in other games.

    But that said the look of eq2 ui is not for everyone, but here helps that  it is fully moddable. if you don't like the default one then you should look at


  • FlemFlem Member UncommonPosts: 2,867

    They updated the crafting window recently.  Your counters are now auomatically found at the bottom of the window which is good.

    But apart from that the UI is pretty much the same.

    Theres plenty of UI mods out there so if your not a fan of the default one download another.  Easy fix.

  • xcaliburxcalibur Member Posts: 571

    They definately tidied up some stuff from the occasional time that I've played in the past.  I personally like the window that now shows you your racial traditions and master's choices.  It was confusing to keep track of those in the past.

  • bahamut1bahamut1 Member Posts: 614

    Profit Reborn UI ftw :)

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  • LionexxLionexx Member UncommonPosts: 680

    When i played, the best was profit reborn, still is!

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  • adders666adders666 Member Posts: 259

    i have seen that same ui in a few raid vids on youtube and was wondering what it was called, thanks :D gonna go grab it now and see if i can get it working, i tried to install ultimate UI and it just nerfed my whole UI so i had to delete it :( not had much luck so far installing mods on EQ2, even with auto installer in ultimate UI it still didnt work, the only mod ive actually got working properly is EQ2map lol, will give it a try anyway :D

  • adders666adders666 Member Posts: 259

    1 word for profit UI.....Awesome

    thanks for the heads up :)

  • RJO_RJO_ Member Posts: 174

    Originally posted by bahamut1

    Profit Reborn UI ftw :)


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