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What the hell happened here?...(this might be temporally)

DavioDavio Member Posts: 56

for some reason i cant freaken logg in into the game.....any ideas why?

stupid....thing(this is for something else lol)

SoF Main:Lvl 90 Snowster/Order Sword
9dragon Main:FC8 Munoo/Wu-tang Sword
Silkroad Main:Lvl 75 DAGZ/Sword
Rappelz Main:Lvl 50 Munoo/Kahuna/Jblvl 40


  • CablespiderCablespider Member UncommonPosts: 272

    Do they have a forum? You'd probably get an answer pretty fast over there.


  • AndorhalAndorhal Member UncommonPosts: 73

    If you don't have IE your need to change some stuff around, there are instructions in the website there, like for firefox for example.

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