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Great on and see what's up

ooskullooooskulloo Member Posts: 7

2moons is a very unique MMORPG with very individual characters. This game is very fun to play. I suggest that you just get to know your way around and have fun, don't be bothered by PKers there aren't too many and still if you do die then just switch up your server or go to another location if you want. I will agree that the game might be looking a little slow at the beginning, but later on like around level 22 it starts getting good, you will be able to experience some of the most creative armors in MMORPG history. Play with many friendly members of the game, and join a guild which will take care of you and help you. I think that one thing is that at a point it gets pretty hard to level, but if you can deal with it then deffinately try playing this game. I got myself a lvl 45 Azure Knight (Sword & Shield) a slow lvling class, but the best tank in the game =D

Death is creeping up behind you so don't look back.


  • Frogs4DinnerFrogs4Dinner Member Posts: 17

    This game sounds great, I am downloading it now I will probably be a hunter or one of the warriors, havent decided yet


    KSEA players often seek out PVP in a game, but they are looking to socialize with and form alliances with other players who are interested in doing the same. They often seek out guilds or clans that organize formal PVP events, or work on group strategies and tactics.

    Breakdown: Achiever 53.33%, Explorer 60.00%, Killer 80.00%, Socializer 66.67%


  • kola_666kola_666 Member UncommonPosts: 42

    ...I'll meet you in the game.....good luck...

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