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croisencroisen Member Posts: 8

I just wanted to share my knowledge of a great game we have a small community but is growing fast and I just thought I would hasten the process. Anyways this is a great game with guild wars with up to 400 people 500+ quests and explosive pvp action and its free with a merchant mall if you decide to buy some extra boosting items.


Anyone who creates a acount now gets 20$ worth of in game items from the item mall! so join quick.

if anyone needs help in game I will try to help you with what I know just reply in this topic. happy gaming.






  • ElendilasXElendilasX Member Posts: 243

    Why this game is here? I though MMO means massive and game need at least 1000 players to be called MMORPG. So what this game is doing here?

  • FireburstFireburst Member UncommonPosts: 200

    The game seems to have quite a nice following as far as I can see. The server seems fairly busy.

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