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Play past lvl 10 before you bash this game (a constructive review)



  • GajariGajari Member Posts: 984

    Ihsoyim is doing this game a great favor. I bet he thinks he's actually helping too.

    In any case, this review is totally biased. He tells us all the good and none of the bad, and so, this review isn't even worth being read. It's basically telling everyone they're invited to a party with cake, but when they get there, you serve them dog shit.

  • MiyoshiMiyoshi Member Posts: 61

    Indeed , Acclaim just translated and "adapted" an old game (with the help of gamehi devs). Then they put it in the market ( a late version of Dekaron in fact ,with more bugs) pretending that it's brand new and for 17+ .

    As i stated before , if acclaim wants to get the adult market they just have to remind that adults are"casual players" (so endless grindfest game are not for us) , and that allowing profany is just good enough for ignorant kids or uneducated adults . But may be it's just the Acclaim's targeted market ?


  • AkaJetsonAkaJetson Member Posts: 1,167
    Originally posted by Truecidation

    Airspell is right; you say the game is great, yet you do not detail why?
    Most of the points you raise are subjective. Fear of dying? Not really; you don't lose exp or items when you die. You only need to run back from your respawn point. Anything you feel in the meantime is strictly YOUR OWN SUBJECTIVE FEELING. For example, I LIKE dying in this game, because it costs me nothing.
    You don't say how it's a pain in the ass to add someone to your friendlist or party when they aren't close to you. Or the way you can't ignore the gold farmers spamming their services blatantly.
    Amor differentiating people? But then you say you can tell someone is a couple levels higher than you simply by looking at his armor. Contradiction. If there really WAS plenty of armor customisation you'd be harder pressed to guess. I have characters of all 6 classes, people around my level pretty much look the same as me, minus glowing (upgraded) weapons, most of the time.
    Sure, there aren't "hordes of PKers running around", but if you stick around long enough on any map, you'll run into a PK botter. LOL. Not only is the idiot afk and using a bot, it goes around pk'ing people who "disturb it's training ground". I've seen more than several newbs in town complaining that they couldn't get past certain points when they keep running into those bots. Ha, and don't talk about GM intervention, they've done fuck-all about the situation.
    The grind is amazing because "you can chop things into a bloody mess". No. That's just the goddamn death animations. It has nothing to do with grinding endlessly for hours, getting 0.1% per kill. It doesn't matter if the enemy disappears instantly, collapses in a puff of smoke, breaks apart in bloody chunks, or explodes in confetti. The only thing that freaking matters in a grind is the experience.
    At least when I bash 2moons, I have the balls to admit I enjoyed the game engine, like the way knockbacks actually work, how movement latency is well handled, etc. And I do say the main reason 2moons fails is because of the poor community and nonexistent policing by GMs of the gold farmers and botters. I don't simply say, "it sucks" or "it's great".
    If you want to write a review that doesn't get the bejesus flamed out of it, learn to write objectively. Don't sound like a freaking fanboy. And calling people names just confirms you to be one. An immature rant from an immature gamer.

    nice post i agree 100%.


  • K.o.v.eK.o.v.e Member Posts: 227

    I just read the thread creators post(nobody elses) just to let you all know and I must say you convinced me to donwloas this. I am actually glad I did it seems pretty cool right now and to have blood/gore in a game really maked grinding alot more enjoyable. Im low level atm but looking forward to getting higher .


  • eldanesh117eldanesh117 Member Posts: 141

    I disagree with all of these.

    In my terms, this game doesn't even exist yet. It's still only in open beta, they have yet to put many things in (some of those things, more or less, are going to be outright ridiculous or insanely popular), so for those of you who don't like this, try playing another MMO for the time being.

    But at least try to come back and play it again at least once when the game goes final. A lot of things might have changed since then.

    Also, my character is a level 70 Summoner on the Trieste main server. I love to play this game, as most of the other MMO's I've played (one of which I'm staring at in the face is Last Chaos) is nothing but grind, grind, grind, which you have to kill 100,000 of one creature just to get 1%. Soloing is almost impossible around the 55-60 level range, but once you hit 65, you can easily solo in the 65 zone, Draco Desert.

    Thank you for reading this!


  • kola_666kola_666 Member UncommonPosts: 42

    Yes......I agree 100% with you.......

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