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What server?

dragonseedsdragonseeds Member Posts: 54

Due to the blandness of all other mmo's out there right now, ive decided to give shadowbane a try.  What server should I play on?  I would prefer to be on the most populated server... you know... since it is a MASSIVELY multiplayer game it tends to not be as fun if there arent many people who play.


  • ghoul31ghoul31 Member Posts: 1,955

    Mourning has the highest population


    here is a good breakdown



  • Mimimi_RuMimimi_Ru Member Posts: 41

    Mourning also has the most duped items,duped gold, grandfather characters (toons with stats altered by GM's),FC items and quite a few other unpleasant things.


    I would say Vindi,but not sure how things turned out there with CN (asian zerg).


  • colouredcoloured Member Posts: 18

    Mourning has the highest population but has a problem with duplicated special items that make your character really tough. These items are hard to come by and very expensive to new players.

    Vindi is in rebuild stage - and wont yield a lot of action for new player - it is the lore based server, so you are restricted in what you can build character wise. and its hard to get around the map.

    Wrath, is like mourning smaller mapset, no duped special items. there is currently a large scale war going on, on WRATH so there is plenty of PvP. I would encourage ppl to come to this server to help fight.

  • -Zeno--Zeno- Member CommonPosts: 1,298

    You could try Vindication. The server is currently being rebuilt (by the players!) and Saint Malorns Fallen is looking for more people to help this process out. Vindi is the lore server, and Saint Malorns Fallen is a RP lite guild, they burn everyone with the dragons fire instead of u8er pwnag3 on peeps. Name has to be non-l33t as well. Its is, after all, an RPG.

    The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

  • colouredcoloured Member Posts: 18

    the problem with vindi is there is virtually no pvp.... i see more ppl killed by water than anything else!

    The only time there is pvp is at banes and mines.

    I say go Wrath or mourning - wrath has many players from NA/PACrim/EU so it has round the clock action, if you go into a zone you are bound to find someone to kill.

    mourning is a little more carebear, there are a lot of NA players here so the action time is not so spread.

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