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Server Busy Error!

LewDogLewDog Member Posts: 5

I just installed the game today and after going through all the patching i tried to play the game. I clicked play and it said trying to connect to server. Every time it comes up and says server is busy, i have tried at least 6 times already. Any ideas how to fix this problem?


  • vmopedvmoped Member Posts: 1,708

    Run around your house killing dust bunnies for a bit.  When you feel strong enough walk outside your house and get attacked by a kickboxer jacked up on some PCP.

    Now you know what SB is about.

    seriously though, check their forums for tech support.

    have fun.

    MMO Vet since AOL Neverwinter Nights circa 1992. My MMO beat up your MMO. =S

  • colouredcoloured Member Posts: 18

    This happens from time to time (it is a free game).

    Just close down shadowbane and open it again, retry login.

    Just keep trying if it doesnt work, sometimes their login server takes a while to kick in.

    Have fun man - look me up in game my name is Arret - I will gear you up.

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