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LF MMO with awesome character customization and style



  • HexxeityHexxeity Member Posts: 848
    Originally posted by xashynn


    i agree with him if you dont know what youa re doin when you create a character in city of heros or city of villians it can take you ez two hours, but you dont get gear in game. although you do get addition outfits. I dont personally like the game play of CoX though, i found it very diffcult to solo forcing me to always havta find a group if i wanted to play.
    SWG is a good game but it gets boring quickly although my favorite thinga bout it is that you can buy your own house and decorite it to the T that part of it is nice, i dont like the traveling, i dont like the fighting system, i dont liek the raiding. but i absolutly love the economy.

    Umm, CoH is one of the most solo-friendly games out there.  Let me guess ... you rolled a Defender or Controller with group-oriented powers and then tried to solo?

  • ObraikObraik Member Posts: 7,261

    Originally posted by xashynn

    Originally posted by Obraik

    Star Wars Galaxies gives you alot of character customisation.  It's a little different from other MMO's in that rather then questiong for your new armour or clothing styles, you get in touch with a player crafter and talk get them to make what you like.  The plus side is that you can get everything made exactly how you like it, picking from a huge choice of colours.  Alternatively you could become that crafter :)

    SWG is a good game but its expenecive as hell to get good gear. take fully stated primas mando armor ezally will cost you a billion credits.

    Mandalorian Armour is a really bad example.  It's SUPPOSE to be rare and hard to get, it's not meant to be something anyone can just go out and buy.  Buying it isn't the only option either, you could choose to go out and do the work yourself to get all the components for it and the actual cost of it would be no more then the crafted cores needed to make it.

    A standard suit of layered armour (like Padded, Composite, etc) would cost you no more then 2mil on Chilastra - and this will give you the same resists as the Mando suit would (as Mando is all about the looks, stat wise there's nothing different).  Factional armour would bump it up to 2.2mil and RIS up to 8mil.



  • TarkaTarka Member Posts: 1,662

    Vanguard has good character customisation.

  • HexxeityHexxeity Member Posts: 848
    Originally posted by Tarka

    Vanguard has good character customisation.

    The Vanguard character creation interface gives the appearance of good customization.  Once you start playing with it, you realize that a lot of the possible settings are ridiculous.  And once you get in the game, you realize that most characters of a given race look pretty much the same, give or take some facial hair.

  • Black_ElvisBlack_Elvis Member Posts: 188

    yeah man, VGs character customization is a joke.   ZOMG THAT GUY HAS AN EYEBROW .2 inches ABOVE MINE!!?!?!?!?!  Wow he looks totally different...


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