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for all new people who wants to try this game!!!

for all the new people

i say that ( tales of pirates) is a very interesting game.

every day there are many updates to keep the game interesting.

these are the good sides of the game:

1- this game is free to download (100%)   (only there is an item mall thats need real money)  its like some helping (if you want to buy then buy to let the game easy for you)

2-the activities in this game like haloween

3-the good forum in the website of this game

4-solving the proplems of all players in a good way

5-the fun you will find in the game when you finish quests and lvl up.

6-the highest lvl players in the game are mentioned


i only recommend you to try it now

Tales Of  Pirates


  • fancyqingfancyqing Member Posts: 2

    i want to ask if this game real forever. And is it funny?   What is it about ? about the pirate?

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