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Eldre Thalas .. I am lookin for lvlng guilds

DeViLzzz2007DeViLzzz2007 Member Posts: 107

I am lookin to move my lowbie toons which only go up to lvl 35 and place them in active leveling guilds or well a guild that definitely has endgame in mind but isn't impatient and will level toons with others by running instances alot and groupin with people in guild 5 man style outside of instances .... I wanna have fun with my lowbie toons and want to learn how to play those classes properly

.... send a msg to Blanc in game if you would like as that is my main ...

GL everyone !!!

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  • acidgeckoacidgecko Member Posts: 2

    Tribulations is a great guild, with more then 10 active, level 30-50 toons per day, and recently over 110 members strong.

    A few of the higher level toons, run instances for lowbs on Thursday and Friday nights.

    Reach player name Lidia, Maerwynn, or Snowwight via mail, or pst for more information.

    take care, ciao buddy!

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  • acidgeckoacidgecko Member Posts: 2


    Ignore me, or switch over to Shadowsong Server.

    The latter preferred.

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