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Is this game any good?

ClangClang Member Posts: 16

I been searching for a good mmorpg. I see most the reviews about this game are good, which is what i like. I might download it if it's good. But is all people think of it is pvp? Is that the only fun part of the whole game?


  • MishapMishap Member Posts: 2

    PvP IS the game.  I started playing this week.  In a day and a half I went from level 1 to 53.  You must find a guild early.  I would constantly watch for the "Recruiting" tag and hook up with someone as soon as possible. 

    You will get killed while you try to level.  Yes, there will be a group of level 75's that will wait for you to pull a mob before they gank you...even though you are half of their level.  You will lose all the money and items in your backpack since you waited too long to bank.  You just deal with it and move on. 

    You have to really like to PvP.  There are zero quests and very few random mob spawns.   Unlike other games, it is possible to run outside a castle for half an hour and never find a mob to kill.  You have to know where to hunt to level.  Unfortunately, everyone else know where those spots are as well.  If you play on Wrath or Vindication, the experience rate is faster.  This means you will level much faster; however, you are much more likely to run into someone else.

    I am having a blast so far. 

    ...and it's free.

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