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Primal Instinct Recruiting Level 80+ Abaddon server

invincible1invincible1 Member Posts: 3

Primal Instinct is a guild that has been around for approx 1 year. We are a very organized and helpful group of players. All of our members use ventrilo also, our vent is constantly filled with 10-20 people and xp options are more then abundant in Primal Instinct.

Our guild is actively recruiting 6-7 level 80+ people to help fill out our already extremely active guild. You can apply in game or on our Guild forums (link is at bottom).

We are looking for rather hardcore gamers or people with MMORPG experience who are used to these types of games as we are and who have no problem with grinding for 10+ hours at a time. Our guild CONSTANTLY runs level 80+ xp and getting in an xp team is always possible in Primal Instinct.

Our levels range from 80-106, we also enjoy pvping although we are friends with most of the guilds on abaddon, we really only dislike the pk and griefing guilds.

If you enjoy PVP and XPing and want a guild thats always online (perhaps to much lol) this is the guild you should join!

Guild forums:

Or message: 1nvincible or SGKhaii    in game to learn more about our guild.



  • eldanesh117eldanesh117 Member Posts: 141

    Are there really that many level 80+'s on Abaddon for you to recruit only level 80+'s straight up?


  • invincible1invincible1 Member Posts: 3

    Oh yeah, theres loads of 80+


    At 90+ theres a little less but theres a large amount of 80+.


    Also we are recruiting level 70+ Segnales


    Plesase apply on guild forums:

    Or just msg me or a leader in game: 1nvincible, shahiz, dumahz, SGKhaii


    Most of our guild is 80-100, we do lots of 90+ dungeon parties and 2lanes. We prettty much have at least 1-2 guild teams of these going all day.

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