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Just a small question regarding quest rewards

golembanegolembane Member UncommonPosts: 102

Hello all,

The RFO boards are pretty bad to sort through so I figured I come here to try and get a bit of answers.

I recently started an account to play around with, made an cyborg on Solus(Think thats the name, haven't memorized it yet). Got my warrior up and finished a few quests, but one thing that keeps bugging me. Certain quests seem like they are supposed to give me quest rewards once I was done with them(weapons, packs, ect) and yet I never actually recieve anything.

What might I be doing wrong?

Overall the game seems an interesting way to pass the time waiting for WAR beta to pick back up and whatnot, but those quests rewards are kinda bugging me.

Thanks in advance.


  • KevinRKevinR Member Posts: 35

    Make sure that your inventory bags have room for the reward, if your bags are full then it drops to the ground :(  If you have lost your reward, depending on the level of your character, it might be worth rerolling as the bags cost about 20,000 each

    Not played a Annacade but 2 of the early quests should give you a bag so you only need to buy 2.  I think its quests at level 4 and 5.  The has some quest info in its guide section.

    Good luck.


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