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low 20's

Tyler11223Tyler11223 Member Posts: 3

in the game i am a lvl 22, i got kicked out of the first area and can't go back. This is not complaining about, im complaining because there are no monstersthat i can kill that i have seen.... now that i think about it the mainland is desolat, i could rarely find any monsters at all. Anyone know of anywhere i can find monsters that i am able to kill as a lvl 22?



  • ghoul31ghoul31 Member Posts: 1,955

    hit M for your map


    All of the areas with mobs are shown. Mouseover the areas and it will show what level the zone is

    And dont try to level near a freehold. Too many pkers there



  • Tyler11223Tyler11223 Member Posts: 3

    k thanks for the advice


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