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Worth trying?

junerianjunerian Member Posts: 60

Simple question:

this game worth giving a try? And please all bashers include valid reasons why it's not, and same goes to any fanbois for why it is.


  • rajasekharrajasekhar Member Posts: 27

    Definitely worth it. But I advise you to wait till 14 of this month cause they havent fix the disconnection issue yet(not everyone gets disconnected though). Another thing is play beyond lvl 20 before quitting.

    Why I like the game is the intense agro of monsters. I never seen so much in any game so far.

  • ValiumSummerValiumSummer Member Posts: 1,008

    I've added a lot more comments in a previous post entitled "I like it".


    Is it worth it to try you ask? 

    Worth what?   The time spent downloading the free client? 


    as mentioned in the previous post the action is fast paced.  PvP plays a major role in the game but hasn't interfered with my lvl'ing (much).   I actually enjoy the occasional adrenaline rush of a little pvp/pk'ing now and then.  

    Give it  a shot.  

    I recommend starting out with a hunter... their boobs jiggle, they are fun to play and they lvl really fast.


    Also, I have not been disconnected once since I've started playing about 10 days ago.   And I've been on a lot (read:  too much).

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