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Need help please!

glockmasterglockmaster Member Posts: 147

hey, i was wondring if anyone can help me everytime i start the 9 dragons launcher it gets to updateing the first file wich takes 20- 25 mins to downlod thenasks me if i wonna send and error report or not and then it closes  i need help and it kinda seems everyone ignores me these days lol


  • xxariochxxxxariochxx Member Posts: 97

    you might have to reinstall it..

  • erwong105erwong105 Member Posts: 3

    Well the game is free so you shouldn't be shocked to see something like that happening. Most of the time when that happens to me, I just download it from another website.

  • RidgelonRidgelon Member Posts: 28

    I used the 1st download site after finding that th 3rd one was a broken .zip file. After the second downlad, installed w/o issue and have been playing since...Awsome Game!!!...well worth the $0.00 per month

  • glockmasterglockmaster Member Posts: 147

    hi,its been a while since i even looked at thisgame lol i finally got onto the actual game after redownloading it and i was playing it for a matter of five minutes and when a help box that was showing me what to o went across the screen it went red then te whole screen went red and then it just closed i tryed it again  a few times but it just kept on happening again lol i could try i again but it will probably be a waste of mytime until i get my comp upgraded in april 2007 :)

  • KrossXKrossX Member Posts: 1

    Ask in the main forum (9dragons official forum), your problem is quite common. It might be for different reasons such as the game corrupting its own fliles while updating or your system with spywares/old drivers/Integrated VGA that doesn't support HW TnL....



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