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Worth it ?

SKdragonSKdragon Member Posts: 101

Hello all,

I've been playing Shadowbane a few months ago for only one or two days, and iam thinking to play it again, i dont mind crappy graphics since iam used to alot of old mmo's

but, iam alot more casual now normally i used to play 10-15 hours a day, now i think its 2-3 hours max or even less since i got a girlfriend now anyway, is this game very addictive like WoW ? like you are actually forced to play much to gain stuff, because WoW screwed up my life and iam not waiting for that again

I like PvP ALOT, but is there a bit PvE too? like going to a big monster with a big group of player's?


  • joeybootsjoeyboots Member UncommonPosts: 628

    In a If you don't have sufficient time to dedicate to the super long pvp city sieges, then I say you should pass. I mean you can, do a little pve in the form of fighting npc mobs, which is necessary to level your toon, but there are no bosses or raids, or even quests to speak of. This game was never intended for the casual player and/or pve'er, but for the hardcore pvp'er with a taste for conquest and political intrigue, which are the two main focuses of this game.

  • SKdragonSKdragon Member Posts: 101

    Well if i lvl to 75, and then i can see how much time i can make and WANT to make, its just fun for me, not serious business, ill just play it

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