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How is shadowbane these days?

tylerthedruitylerthedrui Member Posts: 304

I played on chaos server, death server, and I don't even remember what other servers.

SB was a solid game - my best memories come from SB despite having played WoW much more.


What's the game like these days? Is there still the good times of fighting massive empires through guerrilla warefare? Still the drama, the thieves, and the good times?

Come to think of it, SB was the only MMORPG I left with a smile.


  • skezskez Member Posts: 8

    I just came back and now I can't remember why I ever left.. it is so much fun, its free, and still alive and kicking.


  • ClatilClatil Member Posts: 41

    i have no idea where my cd's are or it free to download everything too?

  • skezskez Member Posts: 8

    Ya just go here

    or their website... and of course if you have played SB you know, you better get in good with a nation early or its going to be lonely leveling ;p 


  • -Zeno--Zeno- Member CommonPosts: 1,298

    There is a torrent that Ashen Temper made as well. Its fully updated (except last patch) and he included some skins to it as well. The link is on the Stray Bullet games website and offically linked on the ubisoft chronical.

    The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

  • iffymackiffymack Member Posts: 376

    Its still a great game..if you can get into a decent guild.
    Yes theres still the large wars,small skirmishes at mines and gank groups.

    If youre a loner,go for a stealthing tracker class.Might want to have a read up on the forums if youve not played in a while,but huntress,scout,thief and ranger are still pretty solid.
    Vampire or nephilim mage assassins are great pk toons,though you lose track.

    Vindication(loreset) server can be fun as its more limiting to what you can and cant do class wise,but its a little more of a roleplay server.

    Shadowbane is still the best pvp game ive ever played,and something I can go back to even after playing eye candy like lotro and vanlol.

    DONT ROLL ON BRAILIA by the way...

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