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If MEO is as good as BFME (Battle for middle earth) then MEO is going to be awomse. For people who dont know what BFME it is a new RTS that is going to be real awsome. The previews look good.


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  • bart.pietersbart.pieters Member Posts: 11
    BFME and MEO are going to be totally different games: BFME is going to be a RTS and MEO a MMORPG. Very different types.... in BFME you will controlling large bodies of armies and play a general, in MMORPG you will crawl into the hide of a single character and play your individual part in Middle-earth.... Also BFME will be based on the graphics of the movies (I think) and MEO will be based on the books and will not look like the movies. Another complicating factor for comparing them is that neither is published :D

  • AshwynnAshwynn Member Posts: 23
    Whats an RTS?

  • LaskLask Member Posts: 11


    Real Time Strategy

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