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So... which one should I get?

icemanix08icemanix08 Member Posts: 4

I have finally decided that I'm going back to P2P games. I am gonna go out  tomorrow and buy one of these games, so please help me out.

My choices are: WoW (is it too late for me?), LoTRO (I might go with this one), and CoH/CoV (but I kinda like this one too...).

So there you go. Oh and btw, I know some of you might say that I could just do the free trials, but I'm tired of downloading entire games. I'd rather just buy it and install it. I don't want to put a poll up, because I wanna hear about your opinions as well.


  • LobenLoben Member CommonPosts: 206

    Having experienced the WoW endgame extensively, personally I would not play it. However, the game up until level 70 is pretty entertaining. If you go this route, try to find a new server where everyone else is low level too and you have people to group with. I don't know if blizzard is actually coming out with new servers anymore though. I'm not sure how good the new game experience would be now.

    Lotro is ok until about level 35 due to the way quests and grouping work. However, this may have changed given the several updates since I last played.  Turbine does seem to add updates more frequently than other mmos. Lotro has a few other cool features like the music system and kinship moves. The character classes are all very canned. You will be identical to every other person who plays the same class.

    CoH/CoV is a lot of fun starting out. Making your character and picking what powers you want is the best part of the game. A lot of what you do is repeatedly run missions, many of which are very similar.  At times the content can be very repetitive. The game can be pretty fun though, just perhaps not as long term as others.


    -Other options you might consider: EQ2 and Tabula Rasa

    EQ2 is similar to WoW. In some ways it's not as good, other ways better. One way it's better is possibly the community if you play on a Pve server. Again the end-game here, like WoW, is bad.

    I am currently playing Tabula Rasa and really enjoying it. It's somewhat different from other mmos and not everyone likes the style. The world feels more alive than any other mmo I've played. The combat is fast paced. The character system looks shallow at first glance, but the more you play the more you realize that this isn't really the case.  The dungeons and control point battles are lots of fun. It's also a new mmo, so you'd have lots of people to play with starting out. The pvp is clan based and is really pretty fun. I cannot speak for the end-game here, because no one knows yet.

  • Gammit100Gammit100 Member UncommonPosts: 439

    1.) There is a forum specifically for this type of question, and here isn't it.

    2.) Owning both, i say LOTRO > COx.  Then again, I'm a Tokien fanboi

    MMO games played or tested: EQ, DAoC, Archlord, Auto Assault, CoH, CoV, EQ2, EVE, Guild Wars, Hellgate: London, Linneage II, LOTRO, MxO, Planetside, SWG, Sword of the New World, Tabula Rasa, Vanguard, WWIIOL, WOW, Age of Conan


  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,057

    After having played those three, Id say Lord of the Rings Online.


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  • DreamagramDreamagram Member Posts: 798

    I'd say they're all good choices, and it comes down to your personal taste. Personally I have both my WoW and my CoX accounts open at the moment.

    To answer your question about WoW: it's not too late. There's an expansion coming out raising the level cap to 80 (and with it there'll be new equipment and such, like in all expansions), so if you can get to 70 before then you'll catch up with all the veteran hardcore raiders anyway. When does the expansion come out, you ask? When it's ready. It's Blizzard. (Not even talks about beta yet though.)

  • TearReaverTearReaver Member Posts: 33

    Well I don't suggest WoW, CoX is ok, and I really don't like LOTRO since it is based off tolkiens books, man I hate that guy,  prefer Emily Rodda.

    Back on topic all I can say is this: Mu online, grindy, but hey if you put the most grindy game ever(WoW) you wouldn't mind the awesomeness of Mu.

    And if that doesn't work try CoX or Guild Wars or Everquest 2 or DDO or Tabula Rosa or Vangaurd

  • PicklefootPicklefoot Member Posts: 218

      For the most part you cannot go wrong with WoW. I wouldn't play it, because I don't have the time, or the set schedule for raiding. I save my "plans" for real life things, not to help people get their gear so they can be a smidge better than they were yesterday. However I did play it exclusively for 5 months, and gave my account to my cousin after I realized that I didn't have the self discipline to not play it whenever I wasn't busy.


     I've played CoX a bit.. you can create a character via concept or pure experimentation and be happy. The community on Freedom (most busy server) is pretty good, if you like to group. If not, you can solo your way through the game with any class. I prefer grouping because there is a lot more experience, and as I previously stated most of the community is decent.


     LOTRO I could not play the beta for more than 30 minutes a session before getting bored, however it could be right for you!


      These all have free trials, (credit card required for WoW's trial, and they will charge 1.00$)


      So my advice is to trial them all at once, in a few days make a decision. If none of them work for you.. buy the Orange Box from Valve, and be satisfied until something you like emerges.


  • icemanix08icemanix08 Member Posts: 4

    I would like to thank all of you for sharing your opinions, they were all very helpful. 

    As for which game... well... I bought all of them. A friend of mine works at bestbuy and he gets discounts on everything. He helped me out and not only did I get LoTRO, WoW, and CoX... He also got me TR.... all for less than $70.

    Now all I have to decide on is what game to play first ( I can't possibly afford to subscribe to all of them at the same time.)  So there'ya go. Thanks again

  • krisoooookrisooooo Member Posts: 124

    plz gimme free plz!! im newb free plz!!

    J/k :P  Well you pretty much got some of the best MMO's on the market, only without Guild Wars and Everquest 2 I suggest WoW too, but with all the expansions... it gets pricey... Tabula Rasa is very fun to play and pretty fast paced! Anyway congratulations on your games :)

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