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pros & cons

hellsfearhellsfear Member UncommonPosts: 83

     Ok there has been a ongoing fight between likes and dislikes of this game. Now here's the veiw of a neutral 

 -Yes this game is filled with spammers, hackers, foul mouthed trash, and just plain bad people

+but if u can find a good group of people and ignore the fact that  " has great prices on dil" ( dil is gold, and i dont kno if that is a real site) u can have a pritty good time.

-unless u find a real person (pinocchio doesent count) to help u, you will NEVER get help. so wait all u want u aint ever gonna get a reply from a manager.

  +it is free aside from the little "extras" in the item mall. wicth adds a little " im broke from spindin all my money on internet porn and 2 for a $1burrutos that are piled up in my frezzer" comical sence to it, that give u somethin to do. not that i have a problum with burrutos. there tasty!


 To me this is just a weekend i do when there's nothing better. It is a good game but i woudent reccomed it to a first time mmo(rpg) player. it's a game u have to get used to.




  • K.o.v.eK.o.v.e Member Posts: 227

    Wow dident put a whole lot on this, im level 9 atm but haha ill add a few things that ive discovered..


    Blood/gore- i like this makes the game more enjoyable :)

    Quest setup- Cant really explain but I like the way they did it..

    Dual Wielding- Not seen in every mmo(f2p anyways) so its cool.

    Lag- Not laggy much at all compared to other mmo;s ive played, the new servers help alot.

    Classes- Nice amount of classes 6 I tihnk it was or close

    Speed- I like the overall speed of it its not slow when your travelling im not sure if there are mounts or not I hope so.


    Community- what you said lots of annoying people on chat.

    Pvp syestem- From the looks of it you have to ask everybody to pvp first?


    Cant really think of any more cons im tired cant think straight lol.










  • SpiderlegsSpiderlegs Member Posts: 25

     -Yes this game is filled with spammers, hackers, foul mouthed trash, and just plain bad people

    well it is cert 17 and if you read quest info npc blah blah (how sad am i ) they sware often , even when u lose a fish while fishing its swares :) as for goldsellers and there bots its bound to lead to some kind of system being added to ALL MMO'S as these ppl are becoming an in game virus <--imo,,, specialy when some games not just 2moons require you to shout for buy/sell of an item you really need, how can you sell with spam bot non stop GIVE ME DOLLA WE NEED DOLLA www.luvyourdoallalongtime,,,com this is a con on 90% of games check out the forums onother game 2 :(

    + atleast with porn you get more satisfaction than buying pixels (not that i do either) and i HEAR porn is cheap nodays ... lmao

    hay K.o.v.e, get to lvl 30maps and you get some idiots PK-ing ya, there is no loss for pking or dieing after u pk-someone, you may find this a CON as it can be a task getting to 1st or 2nd floor in a maze like dungeon :S

  • pkdragonpkdragon Member Posts: 5

    As for pros and cons go K.o.v.e. has got most of them down.Here is some more.



    Dungeons-They have dungeons in 2moons which I think is great..I'm not sure if dungeons are something that 2moons has that  other mmorpgs don't have.Even if some other mmorpgs have dungeons I still think it is a good thing in 2moons. 

    Lag-In my opinion there isn't so much lag as in other mmorpgs I've played

    Grind-The grind isn't that bad.I think its pretty good comparing and not comparing to other games in my opinion.I think 2moons is a grind, but I think its not that bad in my experience with other mmorpgs.I think most of the people who complain about grind are lazy.Some people don't realize that grinding is and will always be a part of mmorpgs.

    Speed/Response Times-I find that the response times when attacking/running are great in my opinion..I'm not sure if they can be better, but they seem good to me.I point this out because in this one mmorpg I played before the response times were slow.

    Commission Quests-I really like this in 2moons.They give you quests that you can do again for the rewards instead of just doing them once.

    Events-They give double exp events and other types of events even though it isn't  holiday themed.

    Listens-They read suggestions posted on forums(not completely sure on this) and asks for the players opinions/feedback(An example of this are their surveys although there haven't really been any recent ones)

    Content-There isn't much content now , but I'm sure there will be much more later



    Quests-There aren't a lot of quests and the rewards aren't that great

    Content-There isn't so much content now



    As for gold spammers, I think they are getting it under control.About weeks ago I used to see a lot of gold spammers, but now I don't see much.Actually I don't think I have seen one in a long time.It could just be me though as I don't  stay in the market that long.

    As for bots go I don't think a lot of people will want to bot.I haven't seen a single bot, but it could just be that the only botters are at low lvls.If people do only bot at low lvls(i.e. lvl 34) then I think that is great.Sure you could try to get rid of all the botters, but if poeple bot at low lvls then its not much of a problem.The reason for this is because at low lvls lvling is easy so there wouldn't really be much of an advantage since you can easily gain lvls also.I high lvls I think there is virtually no botters.This is probably because:

    1)Punishments-On the first time you are caught botting your lvl will be halved and all of your dil will be taken away.So if I was lvl 100 and was botting and got caught I would be lvl 50 with no dil.The second time your are caught botting you will be banned.

    2)The Community-The 2moons community are always looking out for bots and most(if not all) try to report them to the VGMs.(voluntary game master)


    These are my pros and cons about 2moons.

  • Torr2028Torr2028 Member Posts: 1


    • Fun take on some older classes like Magician, summoner, warrior.  In addition to some fun twists on the healer class.  
    • Soloing is rather simple at lower levels 
    • instance dungeons gives the player/parties the whole place to them selves.
    • Free (for the most part)


    • Player killing is way to rampant....  With exception to the 5 noob areas players can kill other players at will so far in my experience it's reguardless of level. (unless you don't mind this style of play)
    • (Allegedly) Expierence penalty for killing monsters higher in level to you (They reduce the exp. gained)
    • Expierence gained from monsters rated for your level is quite little compaired with other games i've played online and offline.
    • The game exits entirely when connection is lost.  You think they'd just shoot you back to the log in.

    My main grief points are the PK'ing and low expierence gains.  If you don't mind these hang ups then this game has real potential.

  • ValiumSummerValiumSummer Member Posts: 1,008

    Is there any way to move other than point and click?   Granado Espada and this game both have the point and click movement (which I hate).

  • khartokhar3khartokhar3 Member UncommonPosts: 486

    u can hold the left click and move and u can use w,a,s,d

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