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some questions

oby1skyoby1sky Member Posts: 40

Hello all.

I till have to try this game so i would like to know some more info about this gamebefore starting it.

1) the pvp in this game is everywhere and against every one ( olso your "firends" ) or the pvp is just like in wow inside a gamearena ,and if it outside is just against the enemies ?

2)whene you loose in a pvp battle you loose some of your items that can be picked up by your enemie, or you dont loose anithing like in WOW?

3)the stile of combat is like Wow where you have to select a player and then open fire on it with the weapons oyou got? or the stile of combat is like "unreal tournament" where is up to your quality if you are able to hit your enemies or you arent.

4) there is something to conquest with the pvp system? for exemple a fortress that could give only to the owner of it some bonuses ?

5)the items inside the games are all constructed from players or you just go inside an istance and you loot a rare that is 10 time better then everything you built?

6)can you built your house , and personalize it?

7)how many players , this game, got at the moment?

8)is just one big region or you have to syncronize every time you pass from a Zone to the next one?

9)In wow whene you get inisde an istance you will never find someone else inside it , as every time you get inside an istance is "your" istance. In other game the istance is one for all and you have to fight olso with the other players to be able to finish the istance .Wich tipe of mmoprg is this?

10) whene you make a team there is a max number of players that can be inisde the a team?

11)there are veicles that can bring more then 1 player? there are flying veicles?there is a fastest way to move in the game instead using veicles?

12)there are futuristic towns to visit?

13)can you personalize how the point of the skill are setted? or is like in wow where the points are gived every lvl without being able to place the points as you prefer?

i just thank you for every one that will find the time to answer to all those questions. If instead you are asking why i had in mind all those questions is becouse i played Wow but before it i played for 4 years Neocron (mmorpg) and i loved it. The only problem was the few playing players that after sometime killed the game.


  • MiexonMiexon Vendetta Online CorrespondentMember Posts: 181

    1. PVP is everywhere but it is more frequent in some areas of the universe (game)

    2. well you have multiple ships you can use and switch into and you can load and unload stuff into your ship. If you blow up in your ship then you drop most of the stuff into space. If you can fast enough you can return and pick up the stuff back or intercept the person who did and try to get it back.

    3. Its like UT in that aspect but also you do need to get licenses/levels to get some of the higher equipment but a lot is dependant on skill.

    4. Levis, Hives, Cap ships, etc are all able to be attacked by players and drop some good loot.

    5. there isnt any buildable items yet but the devs are working to making craftable items from ore you mine.

    6. why would you need a house? Player owned stations are on their way.

    7. not quite sure. Plenty to keep it interesting. 1000-2000 players most likely.

    8. This is a space based game....

    9. there are no solo areas like in wow

    10. i think its 8 if you mean groups

    11. Cap ships can carry more than one player. As for you, you only have 1 space ship you can fly at a time. You can own multiple though.

    12. This is a futuristic space based game... Their all futuristic space stations with their own look and atmosphere.

    13. No you cant personalize it.

    NP hope to cya around

    Member of the Phoenix Alliance Guild
    in Vendetta Online

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